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Hatake Score!

The strange irony in Japan is that in the countryside there are literally acres and acres of land that are available to those who really look for it. While Japanese cities burst at the seams, the countryside is left nearly … Continue reading

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Waiting, Loneliness and living vicariously

Every day I pull myself out of bed and go to work. The whole day goes by in a blur of activity. Typically I am very busy, there is a lot to do, a lot to keep track of, and … Continue reading

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This could be the Place

Some of you who know me from the old Epic GP/CL Thread may recall that at one point a couple years ago TLG and I were looking around at places to settle in her home town and stumbled upon a … Continue reading

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There is no Spoon

Warning: This is a long post that gets a little deeper into my head than some may wish to go. The tl;dr is I read something on another blog that got me thinking and kind of tied a bow around … Continue reading

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Adjusting to a new life

While TLG and the kids adjust to their life in Japan, I am left here in the US with the dogs until late January to wait out their quarantine period. The quarantine is long. the incubation period for rabies is … Continue reading

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Take off!

At 4:00 in the morning my dad, who had heard our alarm, tore us out of deep sleep. It was time to get up. TLG and the kids had a plane to catch. The night before TLG had been up … Continue reading

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Dinner with freeB and family

Last night TLG, the kids and I had the opportunity to visit freeB (from the epic Gaijin Pot: Countryside Living Thread) and his lovely wife and daughter at their home. Mrs. freeB made us a wonderful dinner and I got … Continue reading

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