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The Fat of the Land

A Book Review I’m going to do something I haven’t done in a while and talk about a book. The Fat of the Land by John Seymour is a classic “back to the land” memoir in the vein of 10 … Continue reading

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Work on the house and other happenings

It never seems to end. The more work I do the more work I uncover that needs to be done. We still have no Kitchen, no bath, and no hot water. And the rainy season is approaching and I am … Continue reading

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Hatake Score!

The strange irony in Japan is that in the countryside there are literally acres and acres of land that are available to those who really look for it. While Japanese cities burst at the seams, the countryside is left nearly … Continue reading

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Moving is Stressfull

Granted my last post was cryptic, but since no one is reading this yet and I haven’t even told anyone about this blog, I figure I can be cryptic since I am writing to myself. But anyway the bottom line … Continue reading

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So much for the summer garden…

This year was a dismal failure in the garden. Partially because I was so busy at work and partially because while we were on vacation there was a surprise cold snap that killed all of my seedlings in May. I … Continue reading

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