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Lines of Development

Sometimes it’s helpful to reference how various developmental models map in comparison to each other. The following table is my own creation, so I take responsibility for any flaws. I tried to stitch together several commonly referenced developmental models; Graves/Beck’s … Continue reading

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What the * is the Alt-Right?

I’ve been reading a lot from Hanzi Freinacht lately on his website I highly recommend reading through his website. He has some really profound and excellent insights into the coming paradigm shift out of “post-modernism.”  I especially like his ideas around … Continue reading

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The Unlikely Athlete

The story of how my son taught me that “Grit,” – Determination, Discipline, Hard Work and Passion – can overcome a lack of raw talent. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal entitled “Is There Anything Grit Can’t Do?”  reminded … Continue reading

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Free Speech means Free Speech, even if you don’t like what they’re saying…

Lauren Southern nails it in her youtube video “The Alt-Lite vs. Free Speech.” One of the Alt-Right’s biggest criticisms of the Postmodern Left has been it’s consistent war against free speech (or as they label it “Hate Speech” which is … Continue reading

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What is the Alt-Right?

The following conversation between Stefan Molynuex and Vox Day is interesting background into this topic as well.

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Post-Postmodernism and the “Alt” spectrum of ideology

This was a very challenging post for me. It is partially a response to Hanzi Freinacht‘s 4 Things that Make the Alt-Right Postmodern. I first want to say that I have really enjoyed Hanzi’s prolific work on the Alt-Left, and find it … Continue reading

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