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Her Corruption Knows no Limits

This is a MUST WATCH. It’s hard to stomach the whole thing but watch it till the end. Follow the Money. The Clintons are corrupt to the bone. I want to say this to all “Integral Thinkers,” and especially all … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton will take us to WAR

Make no mistake. This year the biggest issue facing the world is war. The Main Stream Media has the wool over the eyes of the general public, but if you’ve been paying attention to the alternative media (which if you … Continue reading

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The Life Cycle of a vMeme (part 2 of 2)

Here’s where things really start to get interesting. Although the vMemes themselves in their general characteristics are consistent and effectively “immortal,” the manifestation of a vMeme in a given social group. Much like a person, they are born, they grow and … Continue reading

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Understand Your vMemes (part 1 of 2)

It’s the key to understanding what we’re all fighting about and why… This is going to be a two-part post for the people who aren’t too familiar with what vMeme’s are and why I keep talking about them. The term … Continue reading

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Can the Orange vMeme momentarily spare us from a Mean Green Hell?

What we have in this year’s US election is a fight between a pretty solid non-apologetic  Orange vMeme Trump, and a “pathological” Mean Green vMeme Clinton. Let’s break it down. A Trump presidency would certainly be a regression for a … Continue reading

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Why I might actually vote this year

As anyone who reads more than a handful of posts on this blog should be able to figure out, I am an Anarchist. I haven’t voted in an election since 2004. In the past I have argued very strongly on … Continue reading

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Alternet free for Kindle until Thursday 7/28

My book Alternet is free for kindle on Amazon for the next 3 days (starting tomorrow 7/26 until Thursday the 28th). If you haven’t got around to adding it to your library now is a good time. Please leave a … Continue reading

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The Link Between IQ and Conciousness

I have an hypothesis that I think makes rational sense but which I believe may be highly controversial to many. But maybe all good hypotheses should be controversial. My hypothesis goes something like this: There is a correlation between IQ and … Continue reading

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