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My Personal Path to Integral

Before I go too much further I think it is important to describe my own path toward Integral and in that way I think my personal biases will become clear. Every person takes a different and very personal path to … Continue reading

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Integral Theory

In an earlier post I  touched very lightly on the thoughts swirling in my head about Charles Eisenstein and in that post I also mentioned Ken Wilbur who I started reading in earnest during and just after my college days … Continue reading

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In the interim

I was hoping my next post would be about securing The House. But we are still in negotiations with the owner and I think it may take some time to settle. In the mean time I have been keeping busy … Continue reading

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Seeing a man about a house (Part II)

First a second inspection: Last week, after a particularly heavy rain, I decided I wanted to go back to The House to have another look and perhaps see if I could find any evidence of roof leaks. On this trip … Continue reading

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