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Stop Trying to Make Socialism Integral – It’s not.

Socialism: a political and economic theory of social organization that advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole. Socialism in its various 20th century forms has been the … Continue reading

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It’s all Agency vs. Communion stupid!

The political battle in America and Europe is not one of competing value Memes but of competing Types. This is fundamentally a fight between Agency and Communion* – Right and Left along many developmental stages. Our current political systems are … Continue reading

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The Need to Control

Over the weekend I had a brief twitter exchange with Robb Smith of Integral Life on the subject of Gun Control, which got me thinking on the whole subject of social control itself as it relates to Communal and Agentic … Continue reading

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Some Perspective is in Order

Okay let’s get this out of the way right up front. Nazi’s and Racists can go to hell, and while I’m at it Commies can join them. In fact Commies can go first; after all, they’ve killed more people. Firstly … Continue reading

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Lines of Development

Sometimes it’s helpful to reference how various developmental models map in comparison to each other. The following table is my own creation, so I take responsibility for any flaws. I tried to stitch together several commonly referenced developmental models; Graves/Beck’s … Continue reading

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What the * is the Alt-Right?

I’ve been reading a lot from Hanzi Freinacht lately on his website I highly recommend reading through his website. He has some really profound and excellent insights into the coming paradigm shift out of “post-modernism.”  I especially like his ideas around … Continue reading

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Free Speech means Free Speech, even if you don’t like what they’re saying…

Lauren Southern nails it in her youtube video “The Alt-Lite vs. Free Speech.” One of the Alt-Right’s biggest criticisms of the Postmodern Left has been it’s consistent war against free speech (or as they label it “Hate Speech” which is … Continue reading

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