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The Inspection

Yesterday I went on an inspection of The House with a good friend of mine, who is also an architect and home builder. I have also been in the construction field for 10 years and have an academic background in … Continue reading

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Seeing a Man about a House (Part I)

This post is premature, but I don’t give a ****! I’m pretty excited and optimistic. Today we talked to the owner of The House. He remembered us from the first time we expressed interest a couple of years ago, and … Continue reading

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Food for Thought

Been getting a lot of food for thought over at Shikigami who recently has been posting about Charles Eisenstein. This has caused me recently to think deeply about gift economies and some of Charles’ ideas on Money. I will say … Continue reading

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Nuclear Power: A Symbol of State Failure

Before the disaster in Fukushima I never really gave a whole lot of critical thought to nuclear power, except that in general I knew it to be a cleaner alternative to fossil fuel power sources. In college I wrote a … Continue reading

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A night of good music and new friends

Yesterday I went with the whole family to Bungo Takada and to a little cafe called Momokusa. TLG had found the place while researching locations for her work, and we decided to make the trip (about an 1.5 hour drive … Continue reading

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So I made it. I’m alive and well, and (finally) with my family in Japan. Just in time for “Shichi-Go-San” or 7-5-3 festival. Last time MB and LP1 were 5 and 3 respectively, and I wasn’t here. This time is … Continue reading

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Packing, Cleaning, Running Around

Posts will be few and far between until late next week. I’ve been out literally all week with coworkers, friends and family. Now I am spending my last days with family and packing. I have two suitcases and about 4 … Continue reading

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