This blog used to be about mine and my family’s journey from suburban America to rural Japan in 2011. Once we settled, I stopped blogging and eventually we moved back to the US in 2014. All of my past material on our adventure in Japan is still here. It was an incredible experience for me and my family, and I will always look back on it fondly. We still visit our old home and village in Oita prefecture every year, and hope to someday again put down some roots in Oita.

Presently, this blog focuses  on my philosophical musings–mainly on integral philosophy (as made famous by Ken Wilbur) and my own take on how integral philosophy translates to politics and economics.

I hope you find something useful here, something that was better left said.


4 Responses to About

  1. Hello. Welcome to Oita and wishing all the best in your endeavours. Let’s talk compost toilets and other stuff again soon. Paul


  2. ted says:

    Hey there. We’re in the midst of our own move prep, so I hoping pick your brain about inexpensive moving companies. Any ideas?
    Please email me:

    Our tickets are bought for February 7th. Looking forward to sharing a beer over there…




  3. Andy says:

    Very interesting blog and something the wife and I are giving thought to ourselves. All the best!


  4. Edwin says:

    Dude, very interested. I have a similar dream, and hope to learn from your blog!


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