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What you see is not what you get

In the ongoing saga of The House, we met again yesterday with the owner, this time at the property with the purpose of meeting the “Ku-cho” (kind of like the head of the neighborhood HOA),and surveying the property. The owner … Continue reading

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Walking for snacks part II

1. “Dagashiya” This is a little store that sells candy to the neigborhood kids. The house is in the Machiya or “Nagaya” style that was typical of Japanese towns from the before the Edo period all the way up until … Continue reading

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Enter the Matrix

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – … Continue reading

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Seeing a man about a house (Part III)

In the continuing saga of The House: We drove up again to see the owner of the house. This time we came with or sempai, “Mr. Yamamoto” who you may remember from this post. He brought with him his own … Continue reading

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We Are All One

This video is a must see. This is Integral level science at its best, and it is just beautiful to see that the physical sciences are beginning to see the true nature of the Universe.

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Integral Politics Page Updated

I finished my article on Integral Politics which is posted here. I left out a critique of H.B. Augustine’s Proposal, as well as any detailed treatment of economics, or monetary systems. I will tackle those later… right now my brain … Continue reading

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Usuki Castle (and walking for snacks)

Around 3:00pm the kids are accustomed to having a snack. Today I thought I would make them work a little for it, so we left the house and took a walk through the center of town, to one of its … Continue reading

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Ki wo tsukau, Ki ga kiku…

A couple of definitions for those that don’t speak Japanese: 気を使う (ki-wo-tsukau): to pay attention to another’s needs, to attend to, to fuss about, to take into consideration 気が利く(ki-ga-kiku): to be thoughtful, to be tactful, to be sensitive (esp. to … Continue reading

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Why the Green Meme is in Crisis

OK so enough about the basics of Integral. There is enough information out there that I will assume from now on that if you are still interested and reading this you have an understanding of the basic principles, and if … Continue reading

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