Take off!

At 4:00 in the morning my dad, who had heard our alarm, tore us out of deep sleep. It was time to get up. TLG and the kids had a plane to catch.

take off! I'm gonna miss them but we're one step closer.

The night before TLG had been up till past midnight packing. She is kind of the “last minute” type.  Anyway, we got to the airport and were pleasantly surprised by the sudden unannounced arrival of several friends. (this is at like 5:00 am on a weekday!) These friends got up and drove to the airport to see TLG and the kids off to Japan. I was moved to say the least.

So the family is in Japan and I am left here to tie up loose ends and wait out the Doggy quarantine.  Its gonna be a looooong three months.

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One Response to Take off!

  1. kenelwood says:

    Well done, sir. Well done. Keep at it, you’re almost here. 🙂



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