Adjusting to a new life

While TLG and the kids adjust to their life in Japan, I am left here in the US with the dogs until late January to wait out their quarantine period. The quarantine is long. the incubation period for rabies is apparently something like 180 days, which is the logic behind the quarantine periods length I guess.

But in Japan life is going well. The kids took no time at all getting used to their new surroundings. Life in the Japanese countryside has welcomed them with open arms. On a daily basis neighborhood children come calling at the front door, “let’s play! let’s play” and the local elementary school is a mere three minutes walk up the hill from Ba-chan’s house.

Mmmm. Natto for breakfast.

Now is the season for ”Undoukai,” literally the “exercise festival” and my oldest is having a lot of fun preparing for that.  Surprisingly he has had very little trouble fitting into school. His math skills are excellent and his Japanese is better than his English anyway. I am more worried about him keeping up his English skills and as soon as I get there that will be a focus point for me – making sure the kids don’t forget English.

That's my boy on the right. Ready to run the relay.

But overall I am happy that it seems TLG and the kids are getting off to a good start.  For me, the biggest adjustment is being apart from them. Frankly it sucks balls.  But it is just one of the many hurdles that we have to overcome to make this new adventure of ours a success.

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One Response to Adjusting to a new life

  1. inesusan says:

    Iam happy to see that they fit in so well. I bet they making lots of friends soon


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