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Back Into the Swing of Things

The influenza passed and the week long business trip is over and now I am trying to get back into the groove. To that end I picked up my new-to-me rusty (literally) trusty Kei-Truck. It’s been nice to have the … Continue reading

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Business Trips and Influenza

Was away on business earlier this week and during the trip managed to come down with a terrible cough, aches and fever, making for an uncomfortable trip home. Influenza type A or “the Hong Kong Flu” is going around the … Continue reading

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The House: And Work (Finally) Begins

This will hopefully be the first of many posts to come documenting the (limited) restoration of our little farm house. I will try to do one a week. I say limited, because we have a 5 year lease (although according … Continue reading

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Can you eat it?

Every Japanese person I have known for any length of time has delighted in a game I call, “Feed Unusual Things to the Foreigner,” and my in-laws are no exception to this rule. Since I first started coming here I … Continue reading

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