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A Quiet Revolution

Yesterday KenElwood posted a link to an interesting article on the more global “Occupy” movement. The movement in Europe is more advanced (has been going on longer) than its American counterpart and has somewhat petered out over there according to … Continue reading

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Oita: T minus 2 weeks

Originally I had planned to stay in the US until late January both so that I could keep working while TLG and the kids got established and also to wait out the dog’s quarantine. Lately, however, a number of things … Continue reading

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New Theme

Wanted to make it simpler and easier to read. Not sure if I like it or not…. hmmm.

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A Momentary Removal of Rose Colored Glasses

The comments section for one of my recent posts was pretty active over the weekend. It seems as though I may be leaving the impression that I don’t understand the difficulties I’ll be facing, especially in the initial years after … Continue reading

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Inaka circa 1878

Today a lighter topic… Recently I’ve been reading Isabella L. Bird’s Unbeaten Tracks in Japan, which I’ve found to be a remarkable snapshot of life in Japan just after the Meiji Restoration. This book is particularly fascinating to me for … Continue reading

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“Occupy” Yourself

I empathize with these people. I really do. They’ve lost jobs, homes, their entire way of life is being turned on its head. They’re looking for someone to blame. They’re looking for their government to fix it. Like small children … Continue reading

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Financial Crisis, Protesting, and the Humble Wisdom of the Amish

Ken Elwood has been on a roll lately and I thought I would add my two cents. The current global economic crisis we’re all facing is of course entirely manufactured by the state. This crisis was decades, if not a … Continue reading

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