What the * is the Alt-Right?

I’ve been reading a lot from Hanzi Freinacht lately on his website metamoderna.org. I highly recommend reading through his website. He has some really profound and excellent insights into the coming paradigm shift out of “post-modernism.”  I especially like his ideas around “Game Change” and “Proto-Synthesis,” and the idea of constructing a grand narrative of everything. This of course is the goal of the Integral paradigm (or metamodern if you like Hanzi’s term better). Today I read another piece he wrote entitled What the * is the Alt-Right?

Go ahead and read it. I’ll wait….

My comment on the piece which should also appear in his comments is below:

I actually agree with most of what you write in the body of this piece, but I disagree completely with your conclusion. For example, I’m not at all sure that the broader “alt-right” (in the very broad sense that I think we’re discussing) is just “a bunch of white guys” unless you can point to some demographic study or something. For example if we’re talking about representation on social media of “Alt-Right” or “Alt-Lite” viewpoints I see a lot of POC and LGBTQ’s and “Ex-Feminists” on popular youtube channels and twitter who are rejecting postmodernism. But even if it were the case that a lot of young white boys gravitate toward the Alt-Right, so what? I can understand that as easily as I can understand young women gravitating toward 3rd wave feminism. As you might put it, they are playing the Game.

But as I said before I think the Alt-Right and Alt-Left are just two ends of the same spectrum. The thing with the Alt Right is that postmodernism is a left-leaning paradigm, whereas post-postmodernism (metamodernism) will be a right-leaning one (following the historical Gravesian warm-cool-warm-cool pattern). The pendulum must swing and the Alt-left will be to metamodernism what libertarians were to postmodernism (i.e. a minority counterbalance). At least that’s my prediction. Right now we are in a phase of Rejection, which is why it appears that the Alt-Right offers nothing but anti-postmodernism. We’d be saying the same thing of postmodernism vis-a-vis modernism if we were having this conversation in the opening decades of the 20th century.

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3 Responses to What the * is the Alt-Right?

  1. Jason Gosnell says:

    I like his stuff, but have only read a little bit.

    I don’t get the white guys comments. Whites due to various factors got up into postmodern first. But, it has less to do with race than a variety of other factors.

    Their kids, in many cases, are getting up into yellow first. But, they just happen to be white as their Boomer parents are white. It’s a meaningless designation to say “white.” Regressives on the left tend to fixate on the white thing, but theoretically the passage into postmodern and then into integrative has nothing to do with race or ethnicity.

    You are right about the rejection phase. It’s like teenagers rejecting their parents views. There has to be a way to create some space from the old worldview. Even if one benefitted from it. Look at the 60s…a very intense rejection of orange and blue even. But, that was my parents JOB….kick off the earlier time period and get up into postmodern. It was a kind of aggressive pushback even. But, without that phase…no green.

    When my teenager rebels…I am privately happy. Unless, he isn’t ready for the next level. Mostly, it’s good.

    If it were a regression, coming from the new right, we’d know it cause they’d be more in alignment with the old GOP. But, they generally point out the usefulness and even necessity of healthy aspects of blue and orange systems…while accepting much of green. The pushback is mostly on the MGM and the natural limitations of even healthy green.

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  2. John Big says:

    I find it highly ironic that a website which proposes itself as post-post-modern uses a green design. Such symbolism matters. I honestly think there aren’t many communalists who will have the capacity to move on to the YELLOW vMeme, as much as they want to claim they do. A possible exception is Ken Wilber, who is clearly r selected seems to have been pushed into some YELLOW by his illness. But it requires such exceptional circumstances for that to happen. Otherwise communalists are just too comfortable at a cold stage for them to ever move up to an agentic one. After all, nobody has an interest to move up to a higher stage. Communalists want communalism to be dominant and agentics want agentic to be dominant, because that’s what benefits their gene sets. Once you are in a world which benefits your gene set, you would be comitting genetic suicide to move up. The only reason anyone moves up to a higher stage is because the other side is dominant, and they are forced into it. The growth of the spiral is a weapons race between agentic and communal, not some fluffy spiritual growth parth you achieve because you meditate enough. So no, communalists will largely never enjoy YELLOW, they will be dragged into a YELLOW world by the agentic side and resist it every step of the way. One way to resist it is calling GREEN stuff YELLOW.

    Calling the alt-right “a bunch of white guys” is really just the GREEN vMeme trying the same old trick of calling everyone it disagrees with racist. This has gotten old and ineffectual.


    • Jason Gosnell says:


      He totally misperceived yellow as expressed in a form by Jordan Peterson. Attacked him as only green can manage to do….


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