Lines of Development

Sometimes it’s helpful to reference how various developmental models map in comparison to each other. The following table is my own creation, so I take responsibility for any flaws. I tried to stitch together several commonly referenced developmental models; Graves/Beck’s Spiral Dynamics, Wilbur’s “Integral Model,” Fowler’s stages of faith, Gebser’s structures of consciousness, Kohlberg’s stages of moral development, and Loevinger’s stages of ego development.

Then I added my own referential categories such as a Three Tier structure I prefer (as opposed to the traditional SD two tier structure), my agentic/communal spectrum, stages of cultural expression (art, literature, philosophy etc.),  Structures of Social (political) Organization, Rough Historical timeline, approximate age of emergence (minimum threshold based on my observation only), and Hypothetical IQ threshold (extremely speculative on my part at this point but something I’d like to explore further).

Anyway, it was useful to me as a way to organize a lot of different lines of thought into a single table. Hopefully others may help me to refine this further.


Developmental Model

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