Did Climate Scientists Screw up their Math?

The discussion below is certainly interesting. I will frankly not be surprised if what Monckton says is true. I remain skeptical though, and open to the science and the data, which I think unquestionably shows that global warming exists, and the only matter of debate seems to be the extent and effect of the human impact. I’ve long considered myself an Environmentalist, and am very very strongly against pollution (the biggest polluters being governments by the way), although I think free market solutions will be more effective than top-down government “solutions”. The question raised here is whether CO2 is really pollution or not and what is the real effect of CO2 on the environment.

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Meet the Real Alt-Right

Finding the seeds of an Integral Social Wave in the populist alt-right movement

spiral-dynamic-image-1In my last post I made the case that Integral thinkers should find a silver lining in the recent US presidential election. Despite the fact that the election of Trump was in many ways a regression toward BLUE/ORANGE and away from the ORANGE/GREEN in our political leadership, his election was also, I believe, made possible by the growing influence of an intellectual movement centered in YELLOW (G-T). This movement is beginning to rise up and seriously challenge the existing GREEN (F-S) intellectual order represented by Academia and the Main Stream Media for the first time. This relatively small group of upstart Writers, Podcasters and YouTubers dominated social media outlets such as Twitter, Facebook, and Periscope, during this election cycle and motivated the bulk of BLUE, ORANGE, and yes even some RED vMemes as well to throw in for Trump.

It should be clear that there has been a shift in the Spiral Dynamic makeup of our societies around the globe since the time that Beck and Cowan published their work on Spiral Dynamics in 1996. I would argue that the center of gravity as one measures political/intellectual  influence and/or power has moved from ORANGE/green to orange/GREEN in that time. As a result we’re seeing a concurrent rise in the influence of YELLOW, which was formally more fringe.

Social Media will be the vehicle that will propel the YELLOW (G-T) social wave into prominence. Just as pamphlets and newspaper was to ORANGE (E-R), radio and television was to GREEN (F-S), so will the internet and social media be to YELLOW. I predict that the future will see main stream and traditional media outlets continue to wane and the rise of new, independent, highly decentralized media sources. We’ll continue to see media consumption shift to smaller more niche providers that speak to specific vMemes at their level and in the next decade or two there will be a shift in the dominant “leading edge” of influential intellectuals from GREEN (communal-pluralistic) to YELLOW (agentic-integrative).

Recall that Spiral Dynamics predicts that YELLOW will be an agentic wave. The altitudes along the spiral oscillate from communal to agentic as you build upward and outward. It should surprise no one that YELLOW be born out of the political right. The care we must take is that we encourage a non-authoritarian (i.e. non-pathological) path for the alt-right to grow into something that can actually be properly called “Integral.” We are still far from that.

The major thrust, for now, of the emerging alt-right is to foment a popular rejection of the established pluralistic social order which is driven by a GREEN vMeme Intelligentsia. This will in turn leave a vacuum for a new integrative social order driven by a YELLOW vMeme Intelligentsia. Contrary to what the MSM wants you to believe, the Alt-Right is not driven by racism, bigotry or misogyny. That lazy characterization is convenient for the entrenched intelligentsia that senses its own imminent downfall, but it is little more than fog meant to confuse MSM consumers and delay the inevitable.

The leading edge of a social memetic shift has always been a minority that has had to enlist the help of lower level vMemes to bring about positive social change. I want to take a look at this leading edge and demonstrate why I think the sample of people below are among those that fit the bill (there are certainly many others). I won’t go so far as to make a claim that they are or aren’t “Integral” or are completely centered at YELLOW. I will only submit the opinion that I believe they have exhibited some (though perhaps not all) of the patterns of behavior and thought that I associate with an Integral mind, and I will let you judge for yourself.

For reference those patterns that I looked for are:

  1. They seem to show understanding and empathy for 1st Tier vMemes as (at a minimum) stages we all go through, or stages humanity goes through.
  2. They reject the pathologies of GREEN without rejecting the healthy purpose of GREEN.
  3. They’ve found a functional niche that honors who they are but doesn’t demand approval or validation from others while still being able to collaborate (post-pluralism)
  4. They accept uncertainty with an “I don’t know everything,” attitude. They Look for context and connections between ideas.

Stefan Molynuex

I have followed Stefan off and on since his work started appearing on lewrockwell.com back in the early 2000’s and of all the people on this list, his work is probably the most familiar to me. Although he can be an “acquired taste,” I have found Stefan to be firm and sincere in his principles, yet empathetic and open to the “other.” His impressive body of work includes his theory of universal secular ethics which he calls “UPB,” Universally Preferable Behavior. He has a large and extremely diverse audience that is demonstrated best through his regular call in shows. He is extremely prolific but I highly recommend taking the time to listen to and understand him. One of my favorite videos of his is below:

Milo Yianopolis

Milo has an incredible wit and has built himself in the image of an unrelenting internet troll battling the social justice warrior phenomenon on social media and on college campuses across the US through his “Dangerous Faggot Tour.” But beneath the troll exterior is a sincere desire to fight for free speech and free thought and to expose the hypocritical extremes of the pluralistic/relativistic mainstream left.

Mike Cernovich

Mike is a master of social media, playing it like the devil plays the fiddle. He’s become a hero for a generation of men who’ve been raised in a hyper-feminized society. Recently he’s become an activist focused on issues of free speech and exposing media hoaxes. Below is an interview that gives some good insight into who he is and you can also check out his blog here.

Carey Wedler

Carey is the Senior Editor for Anti Media (one of my favorite alternative media sites). She is a self described former liberal who supported Obama in 2008 but by the 2012 election campaign had become so disappointed in the Obama presidency that it led to her eventually creating (along with several other contributors) the Anti Media website. She might not characterize herself as a part of the alt-right, but none-the-less she represents a large segment of the anti-establishment crowd on both the right and the left.

Blaire White

Blaire is a trans-gendered male to female who focuses on issues of gender identity politics. Unlike many in the trans community Blaire recognizes her gender as just a part of who she is and not a club to beat the world with. Her activism is geared toward speaking out against the trans SJW crowd’s hostility toward… well pretty much everyone else.

That Guy T

That Guy T is a you-tuber, anarcho-capitalist and downright brilliant guy who also supported Trump over Hillary. His videos, focusing on politics, race and social justice, are well researched and nuanced, showing empathy to all sides of an issue. I have really enjoyed his perspectives on a lot of social issues.  Below is just a sample:

Cassandra Fairbanks

Cassandra is currently a writer and editor at subverse.net. She is a former Bernie supporter that switched to Trump once Bernie threw in the towel and declared his support for Hillary. She almost immediately suffered a vicious backlash on social media, but continued her staunch stand against Hillary, backing Trump as the anti-war, anti-wall street choice this season. The viciousness with which the left lashed out at her and the open armed reception she found among the alt-right has more than likely reshaped her world view.


This is just a very small sampling of some of those voices which I consider to be a part of the broader alt-right movement that helped to elect Donald Trump. There are many many more like them and it is a demographic that I believe will grow dramatically, especially among millennials, who are really the first generation whose Parents also grew up while the GREEN vMeme was fully established within the educational system and media. In my opinion this is the generation that will write the future of the coming Integral socio-political paradigm.

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Donald Trump and the Return of Liberalism

Great Stuff from Kieth Preston at Attack the System. He brings up many points I had not thought about. Mind Blown…. 

Now that Donald Trump has won an upset electoral victory and will be assuming the office of the presidency in a couple of months, I am going to offer the unconventional and, certainly to many people, counter-intuitive opinion that it was Donald Trump rather than Hillary Clinton that was the most left-wing of the two major party candidates.

Source: Donald Trump and the Return of Liberalism

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What Now?

I thought this was a very balanced analysis and I absolutely agree with the call to action with regard to protecting the freedoms of all people in the US.

Chartwell West

I’m not a liberal. I’m not a safe space, social crusader. I’m not a sore loser who can’t get over the fact that Hillary Clinton wasn’t elected president. The notion that I had to put what lukewarm support I had for a candidate behind her was a source of great frustration for me. I am, at my very core, someone with conservative foundations. I believe that men and women, whenever possible, should be free to live their lives without government intervention. My family and my Christian faith are the center of my life. I like my guns. Chances are, I’m better than you at using them. I’ve worked with and for the toughest most dangerous men on the planet-men you’ve read books about, men you’ve seen movies about. I’ll never claim to be one. But I’ve proven myself useful in their presence. I share this with you so you understand…

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An open letter to my FB friends

facebookHey Facebook Friends;

Most of you I knew in my teens or early twenties. Many I haven’t seen since that time. I generally try to avoid politics on FB. I use FB mostly to stay in touch with old friends that I rarely if ever get to see. I enjoy this tenuous connection to the friends of my youth that allows us to share glimpses of our lives with each other, and yes, some passionate political views of the consistently left leaning variety. I completely understand your grief and anger right now regarding the election outcome, and as a friend you have my sincere condolences. However, I value honesty, and so I will tell you without reservation that I voted for Trump. Before you decide to unfriend me, allow me to tell you why.

Firstly, I usually don’t vote at all. Philosophically, I’m an anarchist. That’s kind of a long story though. Suffice it to say, I have no dog in the partisan R vs. D charade that the establishment puts us through every four years. I have no interest in playing their divide and conquer game.

This election was not about R vs. D though. This was about a populist movement against the establishment. The ironic part about it is that the Dems had the opportunity to be the anti-establishment choice and they completely botched it. So as Michael Moore said, Trump became the “Fuck You” candidate, and a lot of the people that have been forgotten and fucked over by the establishment since really the early 1990’s (i.e. our generation) are just as sick of the game as I am. They want real structural change, not just empty slogans and appeals to emotion.

In retrospect no one should be surprised at this outcome. The Main Stream Media was not paying attention. They are lapdogs of the establishment, and they spin the establishment’s lies. If you were watching ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, or even FOX for your news, you were being lied to all year long. Trump voters are not Racists, Misogynists, or bigots. Many are themselves people of color or LBGTQ, and many were former Bernie supporters. You may be shocked to learn Trump appealed to more minorities than Mitt Romney did in 2012. All minorities do not think alike. Many minority voters were in fact very vocal in their support of Trump.

I voted against the Establishment, and against Hillary Clinton. I voted against corruption and a pay to play government. I voted against war with Russia. I voted against TPP and NAFTA. I voted against the power of the global banking cartel. I voted against the Obamacare disaster. I voted against open borders (and not because of “hate,” but because we are only making global problems of poverty worse). I voted to retain my second amendment rights. I voted for a late term infant’s right to life. I voted against a person who spent a lifetime in partnership with a real, actual rapist, and who did everything in her power to silence the women who accused him. I voted against a person who continued the destructive meddling and destabilization of the Middle East and the deaths of thousands of innocents. I voted against a person who has made millions of dollars off the suffering of the world’s poor through a sham charity.

I truly hope she and all who helped her are prosecuted to the full extent of the law for all of their crimes.

I voted for Trump not because I liked Trump (I don’t), but because Trump represents a chance to break up the establishment and end its corruption. I don’t know if he can do it. But I do know that Hillary would only have made it far worse.

In the end I cast what I believe to be a well-informed vote, with nothing but love in my heart for all the world’s people and a feeling of hope for the future.

I wish you the all the very best.

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Why the Integral “Establishment” is wrong about Trump, wrong about Clinton, and wrong about what it means for the world.

trump-landslide-2My facebook feed is literally awash in hate right now, and it’s not coming from my right leaning friends. I understand the grief caused by the election results. Although I do not share it, I do understand it. I don’t mix politics and facebook though (it’s a matter of personal policy. I use twitter and this blog for that purpose) so all I can do is give the occasional “like” as a show of empathy, but usually I just don’t respond. Believe me; sometimes that is very difficult.

What I see in my left leaning friends, including left leaning—communal—Integrals (I still love you all!) is an inability to understand and empathize with the other–agentic—side. It is fundamentally a failure to understand their true motivations. And for the most part those motivations are not about racism, misogyny, bigotry, or any of those things (although admittedly that element does exist on the fringe, I have not encountered it personally). Such “identity politics” are almost always a creation of communal bias (common at Purple, Blue and Green levels) and are typically incomprehensible to those with agentic bias (particularly Orange). In any case it is important to point out that if the tables were turned it would be the left gloating, and the right lashing out in similar fashion. I think all people who are truly Integral seekers of truth can acknowledge that. All “Subsistence” levels on the “First Tier” are incapable of taking an a-perspectival view. Their worldview is the only correct worldview and so all others must be coming out of some “dark” place.

Of course, as integrals we know that the truth is more nuanced—that the worldview of each level is correct from the vantage point of that level, and that we are all travelers on a journey toward greater consciousness. Where we stand on that path colors our view of the world.

What many integrals overlook far too often is their own position on the Agentic – Communal axis. What I will call “Establishment” Integrals (E-Integral), i.e. those who form the vanguard, so to speak, of the self-aware integral wave have held a predominately communal bent. This is actually contrary to what one would expect of those centered in Yellow (which can be explained by the likely-hood that most rapidly moved on to Turquoise, a communal stage, and centered there).

I have made the claim before that our Agentic–Communal disposition in many ways determines how we move through the stages. It explains why some stages are more comfortable for us than others, and why we linger in some stages longer, while in others we embrace and then immediately try to transcend to a more comfortable stage. This is much more obvious for those on the more extreme edges (i.e. those who lack balance).

I am admittedly in that camp (on the agentic side) but I would caution that E-Integral is generally dominated by the extreme communal. In and of itself that is perfectly fine. However what it means is two things:

  1. That E-Integrals are ill prepared to empathize with the coming social order that will be centered in Yellow. They may fail to understand it and will tend to misinterpret its agentic tendency as an expression of Red or ORANGE vMemes.
  2. Because of the above they will tend to interpret the emergence of an agentic-YELLOW social movement as a regression to ORANGE, BLUE or RED rather than transcendence from GREEN. This is exacerbated by the fact that RED, BLUE and ORANGE elements will attach themselves to the emerging populist YELLOW movement’s message as it speaks to their vMeme.

There are a few ways we can know we are seeing the beginning of a transcendent social movement centered in YELLOW:

  1. The movement will be a populist movement which rejects the established social order. We know this because it has been so with all transcendent social orders. They all begin as populist movements, at their peak they achieve their goals, and then they entrench themselves and become the Established order, ready to be transcended by something new.
  2. The voices directing the movement (its academia) will have, themselves, come out of GREEN in the recent past. They will recall this frequently in their discourse, and will often praise GREEN for its virtues, while attacking the GREEN Establishment (regardless of party affiliation) as having betrayed those very virtues.
  3. The new “academia” will tend toward political anarchism. That is not to say all will be anarchist, but rather they will tend to prefer a breakdown of political structure toward more local and individual autonomy.
  4. As it was in past transitions, lower level vMemes will attach themselves to the emerging Social Movement, RED will sense the shift in the wind and be attracted to the newly powerful, BLUE will see the new populism as an opportunity to push a nationalistic agenda, ORANGE will embrace a rejection of communal GREEN values for something more objective and agentic, etc.

Ultimately we will know that our society is centered in YELLOW when the existing social order has been replaced by something else. I have put forth my vision of an Integral Panarchy. I believe a Being level Society will indeed adopt a similar model. Obviously we are not there yet.

Trump is not Integral. I would never suggest he was. I believe he is centered in ORANGE. It is possible I am wrong (I do not know him personally after all). But I think if he were RED, he would have entered politics long ago. Modern Politics attracts those who are centered ethically in RED. Not all, but a large portion of Establishment career politicians are motivated by RED values. They may “sound” BLUE, or ORANGE or GREEN, but look to their actions, not their words, and you will know them.

The Clintons and their associates seek power for power’s sake. To them and others centered in RED it is the ultimate end goal. They may rationalize it to themselves and to others, and frame their rhetoric in GREEN terms, but look to their actions. The evidence is prolific. Agentic people tend to judge a person’s motivations based on their actions (objective reality), Communal people judge a person’s motivations based on their words (subjective reality). You can see this in the Main Stream Media. Nearly all the complaints regarding trump boil down to, “He said something mean.” The complaints about Clinton are all based on things she has done.

Trump is driven to succeed, to compete, to negotiate and to win. He’s an arch-typical Agentic Alpha-male. He makes the arch-typical Communal Beta-male nervous. Similarly, agentic women love him and communal women hate him. That’s natural. Agency is more prevalent in males, and Communion in females. That’s natural too, part of our evolutionary biology. I don’t think Trump cares about power for power’s sake. He just wants to recast America in its ORANGE image.

That’s OK for now. It gives us some time. I am hoping for time enough to make the transcendence to Integral Panarchy a peaceful one.

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Democracy Is War by Other Means

Lest we forget…


November 4, 2016   |   Dan Sanchez via Antimedia.org

Democracy is war by other means. Superficially, it is waged with ballots instead of bullets. At the end of the day, those ballots become bullets. Elections load real guns and aim them at real people. If you disobey the commandments handed down by elected officials, beefy men with shaved heads and Ray-Ban sunglasses will come to take you away. If you resist them, hot lead will fly. Elections are scrambles for control over the service weapons that propel those rounds. In such contests, every faction is trying to point the gun barrels at someone else.

One faction democratically seizes power and influences policy. Members of vanquished factions are shot, caged, or looted at a higher rate. Some of this loot becomes the spoils of war for the victorious: government checks and freebies of various kinds. But then a coalition of aggrieved factions wins the next election, and the tables turn. The expropriators are expropriated until power changes hands again. All take turns as victims and victimizers in an endless round of reciprocal violence.

In this war, all sides are net losers, save one: the government.

That is because “war is the health of the State.” When Randolph Bourne coined that phrase, he was referring to military warfare, and World War I in particular. But the reasoning behind his maxim also applies to the formalized civil war that is democracy.

The State and War

For Bourne, the State and the government are two different things. The government is a ruling organization that is distinct from the populace it rules. The State is much more than that, and much less.

More in that it includes everyone in the country. It is a mystic union of the entire populace, including both rulers and the ruled. It is the many becoming one and acting as one. E pluribus unum.

Less in that it is imaginary. The State is a fiction that exists only in the minds of its believers. It is a superstition, an incoherent concept, because the many cannot act as one. Only individuals act. Individuals act similarly when they obey the same commandments. But it is still the individuals who are choosing such obedience.

The State is a make-believe entity to which over-awed believers ascribe preferences, will, and agency: essentially, a god. True believers in this god (“patriots”) slavishly adhere to its preferences. They swallow the confused, incoherent notion that the State exists as a manifestation of their own collective will that works for their own collective benefit. The church and its god are one. This superstition that, in some vague sense, they are only enslaved to themselves makes such bondage easier to accept.

In other words, the State is a herd mentality: an inclination in a person to renounce his individuality and subsume himself into a herd, a pack, a tribe, a horde, a gang, a cult, a collective. The believers revere and defer to their own “togetherness” as if it were a god. Deutschland uber alles.

War is the health of this deified herd called the State because a state of war is a state of desperation, of flight or fight, of primal terror and hate. In such a besieged frame of mind, individuals dismiss the moral principles of civilization as unaffordable luxuries. The human soul regresses to unthinking indulgence in base animal impulses, renouncing civility for the law of the jungle. Toward enemy populations, it is eat or be eaten, kill or be killed, capture or be captured, plunder or be plundered.

Other human beings are no longer deemed useful as voluntary partners in creative work, mutually beneficial trade, and friendly company. Instead, they are either fellow conscripts or enemies.

Insiders are considered useful only insofar as they are dutiful members of your herd, your pack, your tribe, your horde, your gang, your cult, your collective: only insofar as they contribute to the strength in numbers necessary to overrun, eat, kill, capture, and plunder outsiders.

Refractory individualists who fall out of line are shamed and coerced into conformity. Failing that, dissidents are ultimately shunned as heretics, rogues, outsiders. “If you’re not with us, you’re against us.” And outsiders are excluded entirely from the moral community. They are considered menaces and only useful as prey, as slaves, as sources of loot.

In times of war, the pack must swarm in tandem; the herd must stampede in unison. In order for a collective to work coherently and deliberately toward a single war effort, it needs not only regimentation, but leadership. So people under siege seek a leader of the pack, a shepherd of the flock. This leadership is sought in the government.

But even an oligarchy can prove too fractious for coherently prosecuting a war. So the people ultimately long for a single strongman, a dear leader, a führer.

This is why governments are so eager to embroil their subjects in wars. The exigencies of war trigger bestial antagonism and collectivism that drive people to flock to the government’s feet like sheep and bleat to be shorn of their liberties.

Democracy as War

Democracy is a form of warfare. What sets it apart from other forms is that it is a civil war of legal plunder.

Legal plunder is a term coined by Frédéric Bastiat. We might also add legal murder and legal kidnapping. These activities, which we rightly regard as crimes when committed by anyone else, become uniquely legitimized when committed by agents of the imaginary State-god. Robbery becomes taxation, kidnapping becomes incarceration, murder becomes foreign policy.

Before the rise of democracy, legal plunder was simple and stark. The government was a distinct clique that “legally” plundered the people. The rise of democracy blurred the distinctions between rulers and the ruled and thus disarmed popular resistance to the regime. With democracy, the plunder became highly participatory. Bastiat called it “universal legal plunder.”

By supporting the welfare state and high taxes, the less-rich plunder the affluent and the rich. By supporting industry regulation, protectionism, and subsidies, rich producers plunder their less-rich consumers and competitors. Bastiat said, “The State is that great fiction by which everyone tries to live at the expense of everyone else.” And everybody plunders by proxy via the same middleman: the government, which gets a cut of every pile of loot. So the government has a strong material incentive to pit its subjects against each other.

And it’s not just plunder. In the wars on terror and drugs, for example, Americans murder foreigners by proxy and cage their neighbors by proxy, all in order to “feel safer.”

What we have with an interventionist democratic state then is a Hobbesian state of affairs: a formalized proxy civil war of all against all. This kind of war is the health of the State, too. Democracy has the same impact on the human psyche as military war, only more low-grade and chronic.

Since lives and livelihoods are on the line, political battles also induce desperation. The desperate times offer an excuse for desperate measures: for excluding political enemies from the moral community. Non-violent drug offenders can be buried alive in prison for decades. Christian bakers can have their finances and lives ruined for exercising their right to refuse service. All’s fair in politics and war.

In order to overwhelm political enemies, voters resort to the same kind of rank tribalism as do jingoists. Instead of nations, the relevant collective “herds” are political parties, interest groups, “movements,” etc. Partisans shout down any disloyal dissent emerging from within their ranks.

Political violence is mob violence. The larger the crowd, the more anonymous its violence. And the impunity of anonymity, like the impunity of authority, unleashes man’s capacity for evil. Under the shielding anonymity of the lynch mob and the voting booth, any atrocity is on the table.

Partisans vilify members of enemy political tribes. To prosecute their inter-tribal warfare, they become reliant on the government apparatus, which they use to inflict and defend against proxy violence. Never mind that it is that very institution that enables and emboldens others to hurt them: that pits all sides against each other. All factions are so preoccupied with using the government against each other, they are oblivious to the fact that the machine of power is their true and common enemy.

Partisans, like patriots, clamor for leadership in order to be herded toward the sole objective of defeating the political enemy. They rally behind and take marching orders from their political leadership.

Democratic politics is a vital power ritual for the government. It makes the government all-important, all-relevant, all-preoccupying; this is especially so during election season. Each side’s enemy candidate is demonized as an existential menace who can only be warded off by throwing all support behind your party’s candidate. “Candidate X is not perfect, but we must stop Candidate Y!

If your candidate wins power, you become doubly loyal to the regime to keep the enemy herds down. If your candidate loses, you become doubly determined to help your tribe regain its grip on the levers of power. Dismantling the machine is the last thing on your mind.

Using democratic politics to foment civil strife is how the government divides and more fully conquers its subjects.

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