The Alt-Left

There is some really intriguing and important work being done by Hanzi Freinacht at his site There is some real interesting synergy between what he is writing about – the Alt-Left- and the Alt-Right that I am describing.

To be very brief about it; I believe the Alt-Right that I describe and the Alt-Left that he describes are the respectively Agentic and Communal social/political manifestations of the SD YELLOW wave.

To me this is very exciting and I will have more to write on this, but I highly highly recommend reading Hanzi’s work. If you are the more agentically biased sort, like I am you are not going to agree with some of his perspectives, yet still it is very easy to recognize that this is an “Integral” version of the political-left worldview.

More to come.

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One Response to The Alt-Left

  1. Jason Gosnell says:

    Very cool… Thank you.


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