Excellent post by Regie. The Political Left should reflect on this: If one group is talking, giving orderly popular speeches on college campuses, engaging in debate, and using reason and evidence as their primary rhetorical tools, while the other side is shouting and chanting, throwing bricks and lighting fires, staging fake hate crimes and committing their own, and using emotion and hyperbole as their primary rhetorical tools, which group are more similar to Hitler’s fascists?

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I am not an expert on Hitler. But my father is.

He toured post-war Germany extensively in 1957 and ’58 as a child performer. And he often recounts the stories. He befriended  teenage Lebensborn children (if you don’t know what Lebensborn children are …well …before you post anymore about Hitler you should read about them). He visited an SS widow and got a peek at her husband’s uniform and Luger (that he’d committed suicide with), she had stored in an old trunk, in the attic.

These and other intense experiences in Germany sent my father on a life-long quest to understand this sociopath (Hitler) and the country that allowed itself to be dragged into one of the darkest chapters in world history. My dad is a Hitler/Nazi buff the way Indiana Jones’ dad was a Holy Grail buff.

As the son of a man with this hobby (one might call…

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  1. Jason Gosnell says:

    Agree… It is ironic that the group at Berkeley attacked a gay, Jewish man…Don’t you think so? I think the we-collective memes have more risk factors for these totalitarian movements due to the huge pressure for social agreement in those memes. Hitler for instance made strong use of blue meme stuff mixed with nationalism. Russia used green meme concepts in communism. Orange seems to be at risk for various things, but not totalitarianism…There is too much independence in thought it seems, rationality, observation and analysis. Big business is their risk…MOM versions of this. Trump, orangish, with perhaps underlying blue themes and a little green on top…Enough to get by anyway. He does not seem to be persecuting Muslims and he seems very open to LGBT, etc. So, the left appears to be creating a projection onto Trump of what they fear most…Fascist dictatorship… and then attacking him. Green, according to Wilber, has a strong tendency to work off of projection. Maybe it’s their shadow…? I tend to think so…And…Group consensus pressure very strong in green. Plus…MGM…A thoroughgoing living hell. All things white very bad, Judeo-Christian stuff bad, conservative thought bad, even Democratic principles…Almost hated by MGM. Mostly, I think he was the right handed, center right really, response to the MGM. The only guy who could bust the left in the mouth and not flinch in doing so…he just walks right through it. There is something to that if you ask me. And, the left…hates it. They are used to being in charge and controlling situations. So, their mindset is a big part of the problem currently. Notice that Obama et al. have not condemned the radicals on the left…at least I haven’t seen it yet.

    Hopefully, the Dems can reorganize at a healthier level…right now though…bit of a mess!

    My take…

    Brian, you have made some very good posts in the past. How bout a take on Trump and the current state of affairs…? A gentle request.😀

    Jason Gosnell


    • brodoland says:

      Jason. I wanted to give Trump some time before I made any comments. The hysteria on the left about Trump is frankly so overblown it’s almost funny. How completely self absorbed do you have to be to have spent 8 years in blissful ignorance of all the evil Obama perpetrated throughout the world and domestically, and then get all righteous as soon as the President is an R.

      But I am holding my judgement. And it won’t be rosy. I supported Trump in this election ONLY because I was convinced that a Clinton Presidency would be one the world would not likely recover from. We dodged that bullet. But now we have to be hyper aware of Trump. He’s in charge now of the most immoral, pathological social creation man has ever dreamed of — The Modern State.

      What I saw during this election was that Second Tier (YELLOW) consciousness was evident in the Alt-Right movement that supported Trump. I still think that is true. Those people are the Vanguard of what will become something like an Integral Panarchic revolution (hopefully of the bloodless variety). They may use different terms, that’s fine, I am not seeking orthodoxy here. They are likely to not even know what “integral” is or “spiral dynamics” or any of it. That’s OK. But in my view we are seeing the beginning of a transformation from dominant GREEN to YELLOW, and its very exciting.

      And you can tell because its no longer the “left” that has the compelling arguments. They used to, but no longer. Because they won their fight! It’s long been over, yet they are still fighting the ghosts of their slain enemies! Now it is the “right” that has the answers to today’s problems. This isn’t the old right (ORANGE). This is a new right (YELLOW). They have the most compelling voice, and the “left” (GREEN) see this and go ape-shit. Their vMeme is fighting for survival, and going “Mean” in the process. It is the same cycle repeating itself.

      I will come back to blogging. But right now I am just watching and taking notes so that when I do come back I will have something real and original to say.

      Thanks for reading, and I am glad you’ve found something of value here!


      • Jason Gosnell says:

        Wow! I hope you’re right. I have to give you credit for some of the insights about Hillary. I went through a tough process in voting for Trump…Letting go of the left.

        But, I think you could be right…Perhaps green did its thing and alt right is a transitional kind of meme leading us into yellow.

        I do see that some of the thinkers like Stefan Molyneux are capable of multiple perspectives, like yellow, but don’t seem to discount healthy green contributions. So, a good sign.

        Also, alt rights are perceived as aggressive by the left it seems…Like you might expect in green’s perception of a right handed move. Alt right more individualistic and heady as well.

        It appears that yellow is multidimensional in its ability to surf the spiral, but also it seems to be stronger intellectually…Almost like orange…But with the more fluid and dynamic vision logic mode.

        Another interesting note, the leaders in yellow, I suspect are going to seem rather fearless by comparison. It takes so much to get up into it and the degree to which they are fed up with the MGM…I think many of us are ready to decapitate it so to speak…But in a civil manner if possible.

        Very exciting!


  2. Otis Schmidt says:

    As a follower of integral theory for the last 15 years or so I’m genuinely intrigued by your arguments. You claim “Now it is the ‘right’ that has the answers to today’s problems… This is a new right (YELLOW). They have the most compelling voice…”. How so exactly? It is certainly fair to say they are riding/guiding the pendulum currently but it would be useful if you could expand on that statement so we can see your reasoning more clearly?

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  3. Otis Schmidt says:

    A comprehensive reply indeed and one which requires some time to digest…! I thought it duly courteous on my part to acknowledge that here.


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