The Alt-Right as a Creation of the YELLOW vMeme (Integral)

This year’s election has become a real shit show. Even more so than I thought it would be. I think what it has illustrated to me more so than anything else is how powerful peoples biases really are. One need look no further than the so-called “Integral community” which I believe more and more every day is just filled with New Age Socialist Cucks who’d rather spend all day Navel Gazing than actually looking at the hard dirty reality of our time and place in this world.

It’s a very dangerous time we live in as we are right at the beginning of the transition from GREEN vMeme dominance to YELLOW vMeme dominance.


What this means, if history is any guide, is that the GREEN vMeme (in its current unfortunate “mean” form) will soon be propelling us into a World War. I have already predicted that in previous posts when I said the Clinton is the War candidate this year. But recently it seems as though Obama is trying to beat her to the punch, as the heightened tensions between the US and Russia over the proxy war in Syria threaten to turn the earth into a radioactive wasteland.

Hillary Clinton has taken up the torch of the Neocon War-hawks using the McCarthy-esque language that used to be a staple of Republican politicians against the typically more peace-loving Democrats. The tables have clearly turned, yet most so-called “anti-war progressives” including those in the “Integral” community can’t see past their own inbred biases to notice. War is bad, it seems, unless it’s a leftist who is waging the war! This election is not about Republicans vs. Democrats anyway. It’s about a new emerging Populism over the Political Establishment. You can guess which candidate the Establishment (both R’s and D’s) are supporting.

The surprising thing to me is how many of the voices that are leading this populist movement are actually using a very “Integral” strategy with surprisingly “Integral” criticisms of the MGM establishment. The typical progressive-integral won’t have the patience to listen to the Alt-Right long enough hear these voices but I believe they are in fact some of the more influential, compelling and effective voices in the movement. They are by far the most effective users of Integral Mass Media and communications strategies (i.e. Social Networking meshworks). Stephan Molynuex is possibly one of the best examples of this phenomenon.

The Integral Social Stage (YELLOW vMeme) as I have repeatedly said, should be expected to manifest a more agentic political form. Thus it follows that it will be more politically rooted in the right (individualist) side of the spectrum. This follows the warm-cool-warm-cool pattern of the developmental spiral. It should therefore be no surprise to anyone to find integral consciousness expressing itself as not just a part of the “alt-right” populist movement but indeed in large part the instigator and originator of that movement.

One would expect that the integrals in the alt-right movement would be extremely adept at recognizing the many connecting patterns and relationships that make up the existing political establishment. They would be critical of both Establishment Democrats and Establishment Republicans. Being centered in Integral (YELLOW) they would recall the point at which they had transitioned from GREEN to YELLOW, and not having the SD jargon to define it they would create another euphemism for it, perhaps something like “taking the Red Pill.”

They would recognize real GREEN as good and would praise its healthy manifestations, while at the same time they would precisely and systematically identify and pick apart the corruption of healthy GREEN by RED, BLUE and ORANGE which has resulted in the formation of the MeanGreen Political Machine. They would frame their message in such ways that healthy RED, BLUE, ORANGE and GREEN vMemes would immediately understand.

To RED they would point to the failed social welfare programs of the political Establishment and to how for the last 30 years the Establishment’s policy has in fact had the opposite effect; keeping the poor in their place, and dependent on the establishment’s handouts.

To BLUE they would point to the erosion of social traditions, the shift in the cultural makeup of the population due to the  immigration policies of the Establishment. To the replacement of worship of God with worship of State which the Establishment controls.

To ORANGE they would point to the erosion of our liberties and the rise of anti-capitalist legislation implemented by the establishment and the ever increasing burden it imposes on the free market and the economy.

And to GREEN they would point out the glaring corruption of the Establishment and how their actions and the results of those actions do not match the GREEN rhetoric they use. They would point out how the Establishment manipulates GREEN, and the underhanded tactics they use to ensure that the Establishment candidate won over the actually real GREEN candidate in the democratic primary.

Having done all of that one would expect that many of those who in the past voted along party lines would instead vote against the establishment candidate.  They will cross party lines to send a message to the elites, and it will be the “biggest FUCK YOU in human history.”

And indeed we see that is exactly what is happening. This election is not left vs. right or democrat vs. republican. This is about a populist movement using an Integrated strategy to dismantle the dominant MGM Establishment.



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2 Responses to The Alt-Right as a Creation of the YELLOW vMeme (Integral)

  1. Jason Gosnell says:

    You could be right about all of this. Pretty damn good summary! It is odd that some forms of yellow might emerge from the right, but makes sense too…

    Jason Gosnell


  2. brodoland says:

    Well I don’t think it is correct to say that they emerge from the right. But I would expect YELLOW to be weighted toward agentic expressions, rather than communal as is the case in GREEN. These are of course just tendencies and not to say that one’s experience through Integral must be agentic. I also believe that as we go from the “subsistence” levels to the “Being” levels the agentic/communal swing becomes much more subtle and balanced. However I still maintain that there is a big difference between communal expressions of society and authoritarian expressions.


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