Yes, I’m still an Anarchist (a rant)

maxresdefaultDamn it! YES! I’m still an Anarchist, Panarchist, what-ever. I still believe there is no moral or ethical justification for a state, whether it be a state lead by a corrupt political party with a D in its name or a corrupt  political party with an R in its name. In a very general sense, my ire toward all those who seek state power is non-partisan.

That said, and I believe I have made a compelling case, we live in interesting times, and (real-talk here) if that crazy undead murderous lich queen gets elected I believe we’ll have WWIII. And this time it won’t be fought “over there.” But maybe you think I need a tinfoil hat? I sure hope so. I really do.

Donald is obnoxious, pompous, and for those of you who hate money (or just hate it when others have more than you) he’s rich. But guess what? Clinton is all of those things too. Also, she’s verifiably power hungry, vindictive, and prone to anger… what a great world leader she’s sure to be.

Oh but Trump is a racist! Oh fuck off. I’m already bored. He’s about as racist as anyone in his generation including Hillary “super predator” Clinton. So go turn on the TV again and tune into MSNBC or CNN (Clinton News Network) or even Fox. They are all equally terrible. I can hardly stand to watch more than 5 minutes of that mindless soap opera drivel. But if you’re one of the 6% that still trust the main stream media, go right ahead.

You know what? I thought maybe I might vote. but nah. Fuck it. I live in Oregon anyway, so the outcome here is predestined. I think I will just sit back and watch this shit show play out. It is, after all, possibly the most entertaining bit of political theater I have ever seen.  Besides, if Trump wins its really just delaying the inevitable in the hope of a more peaceful transition to something better later, and if HRC wins, well I wish you all the best, and hope to see you alive and well again in another four years.






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