The Party of Racism (an Integral Perspective)

In my last post I refrained from giving an Integral (SD) analysis of the topic in order to make it more widely accessible to those not familiar with the jargon of Spiral Dynamics. Here I will explore the same topic from an Integral perspective and try to bring some light onto how the Mean Green Meme Democratic Establishment is keeping communities of color closed from developing along the Spiral.

One of the most insidious aspects of the Democratic Establishment is its use of the public school system and the media to indoctrinate the people. They set up the politics of identity by which they can divide people into groups, not by ideas, or philosophy, but by ethnicity or gender. Having created these divisions they then set themselves up as the political party that fights for their interests. They foster a “what’s in it for me” egoistic (RED) feedback loop where-by they first perpetuate a myth of systemic victimization (usually the boogy-men are white republican males) and then claim to help the victim class by promoting entitlements, government welfare programs, and so on.

However this creates a conflict of interest whereby it will NEVER be to the advantage of the Democratic party to actually alleviate the misery of their victim class voters, because as soon as they are no longer victims, they no longer need the help of Democrats.

Literally trillions of dollars have been spent on this sort of Democratic vote buying with little actual results. Poverty rates remain steady, and single motherhood has gone up drastically creating its own set of problems and a further reinforcement of the RED vMeme that is epitomized by the gang cultures that exist in every shade of skin color. MeanGreen panders to RED Egoistic urges by offering an answer to the question, “What’s in it for me?”

“Republicans won’t do anything for X people,” (where X stands for any “victimized” identity) is the common theme by which MeanGreen Democrats control RED vMeme groups. The idea being that just giving RED individuals and communities welfare will help them. It does not.

Such programs do nothing to pull RED into BLUE, instead these programs keep RED closed to further development. They incentivize  a RED vMeme culture that is disconnected from community and pre-occupied with egoistic values (displays of toughness, power, and “bling”). Women have fatherless children, supported by government welfare systems, and Men who grow up fatherless find themselves untethered by the more BLUE norms of family and community centered life, instead become attracted to the romanticized and idealized RED gang culture, and emulate the only demonstrations of manliness they see around them.

GREEN perpetuates this by coddling RED, by telling them that their situation is not their own doing. It’s the system, and they are helpless against it. This is the lie that keeps people of color in their place on the Democratic voting plantation. To be used as pawns in the political power game for the Mean Green Meme.

The Republicans on the other hand, centered as they are in BLUE and ORANGE vMemes are closer to RED. They understand RED and harshly oppose it. They will not coddle RED, they will not give RED what it wants, but they will encourage RED communities to develop and shift into BLUE and ORANGE on their own. This is why from an Integral perspective I believe that it is so important to encourage these RED groups and subcultures to look at how they are treated by the Mean Green Meme, and get them to see what the Mean Green Meme has done to their communities, and how it has been the force that has held them back.


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3 Responses to The Party of Racism (an Integral Perspective)

  1. Jason Gosnell says:

    Interesting points…I suspect that many integrals would be pissed by this take today. But. It has been pointed out by Beck as well. The movie about Hillary that recently came out pointed out these problems as well. I think that this is why I am skeptical at times about the Dems ability to manage the middle eastern crisis. I like Obama myself, but in general there is such a green leaning these days that it makes me question their ability to manage this issue. Not to mention euro greens complete failure to do a sensible job. We should learn from their poor examples where green was dysfunctional in MANY ways. I would prefer a high green culture, but in lieu of a sensible green…maybe we need to reorganize on the left and get it straight.


  2. Jason Gosnell says:

    Probably…dealing with red requires a multifacted or a legit integral approach. Some of greens handouts might he useful to a degree, but without blue and orange purifying systems in place to foster actual development, then you’ve got a serious problem! Unfortunately, the greens tend to overuse the handouts… Jason


  3. brodoland says:

    Dealing with the problems of RED is the purpose of BLUE. An “Integral” approach would be to encourage that to happen. GREEN “handouts” in and of themselves do not address the root of the problem for RED.


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