That Bad Bad Man and His Mean Mean Words


In the comments section of Benjamin Elliot’s latest essay on, I noticed a claim that I hear so often about Trump that it is often just taken for granted. Elliot said:

“I agree that Trump is a very strong orange, by viewing him as primarily orange, his red qualities that are of the utmost concern to me, such as his quick angry temper and inciting hatred and violence, are easy to not pay enough attention to.”

And that statement got me thinking. What actual evidence is there of the truth of that claim? I responded:

@ Elliot Benjamin
I would love if you would comment in more detail about the RED qualities you see in Trump. Do you have actual examples of Trumps “quick angry temper” or of him inciting violence or hatred. I hear these claims being made quite often (that he is racist, misogynist, bigoted etc.) but have failed to find concrete evidence of such. Rather I always just find the claim itself, as if such claim having been made is all the proof required. In contrast Clinton’s temper is very well documented as well as her machinations for political power. Maybe I have missed something or have not searched deeply enough?

This indeed set up the challenge, which Elliot graciously accepted and in turn challenged me to the same task.

This is a fair question Bryan. I suggest that you ask your question on open-minded political sites, and I would be interested in hearing what you find out. I’ll convey your question to Frank Visser and see if he can assist us in getting some answers for you. Your question is very much in the context of what I view as “integrative” and although I have a “gut” feeling that Trump has a “quick angry temper” with a very dangerous “red” core and is far more potentially destructive to the United States and the world than Clinton would be, I also must admit that I have not followed the actual specifics of Trump’s speeches in enough detail to respond intelligently to your question. But you got me going on this, and I will ask around and see what I can learn. Thank you.

What real evidence is out there on Trump’s character? Is he really the poster child of healthy ORANGE, or is there something more nuanced? I have focused very heavily on Clinton’s faults which are very well documented but what about Trump’s faults?

The Search for a violent Trump

Lately the social media is awash with teeth gnashing, hand wringing journalists claiming Trump encouraged Second Amendment supporters to kill Clinton… Really??? I just re-posted a pithy post from Daisy Luther so you can see what he actually said in that video.

“Hillary wants to abolish — essentially abolish the Second Amendment. By the way, if she gets to pick, if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know,”

Hardly a call for Hillary’s assassination, or even a call for violence. Once the Media got their smelling salts and picked themselves up off the floor they went straight to their computers to make a mountain out of a molehill. Of course they completely ignore the fact that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment in the first place, is as a final check against the power of the state. That goes against all their GREEN sensibilities. It is in fact a very ORANGE statement to make – that it is the right of the people to bear arms against a tyrannical government should that government try to strip them of their rights. Nothing RED to see here.

Let’s try another example.

The Media has often made the claim that Trump incites violence against protesters at his rallies. CNN, ever the balanced and unbiased media outlet, offers a “mashup” of Trump playing to his crowd of BLUE-ORANGE republicans. OK that’s something to chew on. It shows Trump, on at least two or three occasions, made statements to the effect that protesters at his rallies should get a butt-kicking. Not a very politically correct sentiment, and it appears to me that it’s a bit tongue-in-cheek as well.

Then Frank Vizzer piped in:

C’mon Bryan,

This is Trump’s energy – and see what he awakens in his audience:

Voices From Donald Trump’s Rallies, Uncensored

“Yeah, F U C K that nigger!” (i.e. Obama).

Certainly there is some very poor language. Some bad words,  a racial slur or two, A lot of very BLUE vMeme sentiment (Absolutist, Nationalist, etc.). Nothing in there is commendable. And let’s be clear. I am NOT a Trump supporter in the sense that I think Trump would be a positive force. As I have said I believe at best he is a stop-gap. He’ll give us some time. He’ll stem the flow of RED into the country.

Since Frank is willing to judge Trump by the behavior of those who support him I assume its fair game to judge Hillary by the behavior of those who are supporting her?

So does Trump incite violence? yeah I’m still not convinced. Sure, he likes to stoke up BLUE nationalism, and ORANGE exceptionalism – those are republican staples. But would Trump be a Hawk?

Not if the Hawks of the GOP are any indication. They are all switching to Clinton’s Camp!

Why would they do that? Is Trump not a dangerous warmonger??? Not if you look at his statements on foreign policy.

OK what about his Temper?

Where is that quick and angry Trump Temper?

I did a Google search for Trump Temper

Then I did one for Clinton Temper

Um.. well you be the judge.

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2 Responses to That Bad Bad Man and His Mean Mean Words

  1. Jason Gosnell says:

    This is an important point. Hillary’s people seem incapable or unwilling to focus on her shortcomings. Maybe they focus on Trump as a way to defocus on her? That’s a good strategy…a very old one. Most complaints about him seem petty to me, but his personality has never rubbed me the right way. However, who in God’s name could take on both the right and left without having a pair of brass balls? No one as far as I can tell. Look at Nigel Farage…same kind of guy I think.

    I love integrals, but most are greenish and in love with Hillary and co. Not the full-on objectivity one would hope for.

    Finally, it is possible that Hillary’s cognitive line is orange-green while her moral line isn’t. An additional problem can be that someone with green sensibilities allows too much collusion internally with red…same externally. She could have this issue or be straight up red in some ways, or just have done what miserable green does… deconstructed blue and orange ethical systems internally…that’s one way to look green at times and red at others. Most greens don’t have shit for ethics at this point…they get the principles, but don’t embody them fully.


  2. Jason Gosnell says:

    One more…I believe in synchronistic events. The fact that Omar Mateen is sitting right behind her as she empathizes with the people of Orlando seems like a bad omen to me. My faith in their approach to vetting is already not great… especially after Comey said…we can’t properly vet the Syrians.


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