Protesters and their vMemes

You can tell a lot about a person or group of people simply by observing how they protest or otherwise pursue activism. Now there are many ways to protest (each vMeme has their favorite). Let’s break it down in a totally non-nuanced stereotypical way:


PURPLE – Fight or Flight. No actual protest, either they will run and hide, or stand and fight depending on the most likely course to result in survival. Keep the tribe together.


RED – Riot in the Streets. Physical violence, throwing things, lighting fires, tipping cars, breaking windows, punching, pushing, shouting, cursing, intimidation etc. Demonstrate your might.


BLUE – Stand your Ground. Defend your space, idea or cause. March or gather in orderly groups, stand firm if threatened. Sacrifice self if necessary to protect the cause.


ORANGE – Use the Power of Rhetoric. Fight with Words, Reason, Logic, and Debate. Outsmart the opposition.

Flower in gunbarrel

GREEN – Peaceful Resistance. Sit-ins, peaceful marches, songs and celebratory events. Demonstrate unity and solidarity toward a common cause.


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