Beware the would-be RED Queen in GREEN clothes!

Now to the topic of Hillary Clinton – The candidate it seems the “integral community” (if such a cohesive community even exists) are leaning toward. For myself as an Integral-Panarchist I normally stay out of elections. Typically it doesn’t really matter who sits in the oval office, since it is generally bound to be a Status-quo-go-along-with-the-establishment career politician that has been vetted and approved by all the “right people” anyway. I usually stay out of the political theater and focus more energy on my own life and family, with just one eye on the political landscape to make sure that the world isn’t about to burn.

With the nomination of HRC as the Democrat candidate my eye is full of smoke. I believe that the stakes are very different this time around. I believe, have long believed, that the Clintons are the most corrupt pair in politics, and that Hillary is the mastermind of the two. The political success and power of the Clintons is almost entirely due to the Machiavellian manipulations of Hillary. If not for her, Bill probably would be a forgotten Arkansas politician famous only for being on the Registered Sex Offender list.

With Hillary at his back, cleaning up his messes and silencing those that threatened to expose him, Bill was able to become President of the United States. He of all people understands what he owes his political-life-partner, and since leaving office in 2000 he has worked tirelessly to advance Hillary’s political career.

Trump or Clinton; which is the greater danger

Recently I have been going back and forth with Elliot Benjamin in the comments section of a Pro-Hillary article he posted at Integralworld. I really like Elliot. We don’t see eye to eye on issues of politics, but he is always willing to engage in a conversation with civility, empathy and grace. In his article, Elliot makes his case for Clinton over Trump. He describes how he was moved by the DNC convention in Philadelphia, and that although he has his concerns about Clinton, “the choice between Trump and Clinton is a no-brainer for anyone who wants the world to not escalate further into unprecedented chaos and disaster.”

Elliot seems to be motivated by a profound distaste for Trump’s personality. This I can completely understand. Trump’s campaign to date has been full of cringe-worthy moments. In order to win the GOP nomination he has had to win over the BLUE vMeme “America-is-always-right” base by being tough on Immigration and global terrorism. I believe, as I’ve said, Trump’s worldview is classical ORANGE vMeme. He believes that what made America great is it’s competitive entrepreneurial spirit, domestic industry, and a non-interventionist foreign policy.

For this reason the Pro-war Neo-Con arm of the GOP is abandoning him for Hillary. That alone should give everyone pause. Let me repeat that so you can really let it sink in: The  Neo-Con crowd (Bill Kristol, Robert Kagan, and their ilk) are ditching Trump for Clinton.  What a singing endorsement for HRC. I wonder if she disavows?

Elliot was unfortunately not swayed by my arguments against Hillary. But in truth I did not expect him to be. It is difficult for anyone in this age to separate truth from falsehood. With the old traditions of journalistic neutrality having long since died, we are left to the wild and chaotic ocean of world events and scandal, presented to us through a lens of bias and political motive. We must each of us navigate through this ocean of information, and determine what is true and what is false.

I cannot say with 100% certainty that I am right and Elliot is wrong. And after all his position that Trump is more dangerous is based every bit as much on a sort of “feeling” about Trumps character, as my opinion of Clinton is similarly colored by my sense of her character. In the end my goal is for a peaceful transition out of this pathological 1st tier political paradigm and into an Integral 2nd tier paradigm, and though I do not believe Trump will get us any closer to that goal he will at least buy some time for people to become more Integrally centered. On the other hand I think Clinton will take us deeper into the Mean Green Meme, and that will lead us to catastrophic social disaster.

Look at what they do, not what they say

Over the course of her long years in politics Clinton has done a good job of broadcasting GREEN, ORANGE or BLUE vMeme value signals to her audiences depending on political necessity. This political flexibility leaves people to wonder what she really believes. What are her core values?

It is because of this record of “flexibility” that Bernie Sanders resonated so strongly with Democrats. His record is one of consistently GREEN vMeme messaging. I have no doubt about Bernie Sander’s world view.

Clinton on the other hand has only two real possibilities. The first is that she is YELLOW (Integral) and is consciously using her understanding of SD to “play to the crowd” in the hopes that she is elected to a position from which she can usher in a new and integral perspective into the White House. Excuse me if I chuckle a bit at that thought. Clinton has had many opportunities as First Lady for eight years, then as Senator of New York and then as Secretary of State. What has she accomplished in those years to advance an integral perspective?

The second possibility is that Clinton is in this for Clinton. She (and also her husband) is driven by a lust for power and wealth. They are RED (Egocentric) and they have built a political career that gives them access to the levers of power, which they will turn on and off to anyone, for a price. They’ve “earned” hundreds of millions of dollars in bribes and graft. Their fortune is literally built on the backs of the American tax slaves, and bought with the blood of american soldiers and the men, women and children they are ordered to go kill.

Clinton also has a horrible temper. There are many eye witnesses to this including former Secret Service agents assigned to protect her, as well as Campaign Staffers, Reporters, and even Green Peace Activists. Trump on the other hand, although he doesn’t hold his opinion back and freely tells people what he thinks of them, does not appear to have a short temper. He takes questions from the press and gives as good as he gets. It is in fact his ability to handle the Main Steam Press and beat them at their own game which has endeared Trump to a lot of people. Recall that only 6% of the population actually trusts the information they get from main stream media sources, which is just slightly higher than the amount of trust the people have in congress!

Trump’s positions have stayed fairly consistent over the years. He opposed the Iraq war and the US’s policy of foreign intervention. He’s stayed out of politics in general which makes him an outsider, and he’s self funded, which means he’s not answering to special interests.

“But in 2002 he supported the war!” you say. Well not really:

But maybe all Donald Trump wants is to get into power and abuse it for his own benefit. Maybe he’s just as RED as Clinton. I don’t think so. I think Trump is a fairly standard ORANGE vMeme type. Healthy unapologetic ORANGE.  His whole life is straight out of the ORANGE handbook, and he has never pretended to be anything else. And I am okay with that if it buys us some time. I would rather have unabashed but healthy ORANGE in office than RED masquerading as GREEN.

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One Response to Beware the would-be RED Queen in GREEN clothes!

  1. Jason Gosnell says:

    I’ll bet the integral crowd will not be too thrilled with your analysis of Hillary as Red! ; )



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