Her Corruption Knows no Limits

This is a MUST WATCH. It’s hard to stomach the whole thing but watch it till the end. Follow the Money. The Clintons are corrupt to the bone.

I want to say this to all “Integral Thinkers,” and especially all progressives who believe that Trump is “evil.” How on earth does building casinos, starring on reality shows, and being an obnoxious boor, compare to the corruption, graft, and truly blood soaked greed of the Clintons?

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6 Responses to Her Corruption Knows no Limits

  1. Jason Gosnell says:

    It’s almost unbelievable…do you think this source is legitimate?

    Never have I seen such a thing. Sounds like a true freaking disaster!

    If it’s true, we have to think it is perhaps red-green alliance pathologies or straight MGM with red as the actual base…

    I wonder to what extent Obama is aware of all of this?

    Obama is a favorite of the elder integrals it seems to me.


  2. brodoland says:

    The creators of the movie are anti-Clinton for sure. Like many documentaries, they have an agenda to push. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. But I usually do try to look into the claims presented. In this case I can’t really find anything to tell me the claims in this movie are false. Several left wing publications such as Politifact, Punditfact, and Media Matters have denounced some of the claims made. But that’s sort of like Pravda denouncing criticism of the Soviet State. The Clinton Foundation website corroborates the donations made and who they came from, which is really the nail in the coffin. Circumstantial of course, but not hard to put 2 and 2 together.


    • Jason Gosnell says:

      Yeah, unfortunately, I have not seen any counterclaims of any kind. Very sad…I would gladly hope it is false, but…maybe not.

      I suppose since the media is mostly liberal and militant green, these kinds of things are suppressed.

      I am originally from Arkansas where Clintons are royalty…but…they already had some scandals at that time as well.

      Many of my friends are Hilary supporters, but they seem unaware of these kinds of issues…and…not open to them either.


  3. Jason Gosnell says:

    Hi Bryan… Question: How much do you think Saul Alinsky’s thinking impacted Hillary and Obama? And, do you think their interest in his philosophy, could account for a distorted or unhealthy form of Green…that is, a truly abberant green that doesn’t really have the full blown merits of a healthy green meme? I don’t know for sure myself, but this my concern…

    To put it another way, is it pseudo green thinking with a lower moral line of development…perhaps red? Or, other….


    Jason Gosnell


    • brodoland says:

      I’m sure it had a huge impact, especially on Obama. You pose a great question. I am only somewhat familiar with Alinsky, and not nearly enough to make any judgments about him. Certainly the Mean Green Meme uses his methods, but then again those methods are GREEN methods, so there is nothing strange about that. Recall that what MGM does is project their developmental complexity onto lower level vMemes and then uses GREEN tools, and GREEN rhetoric to absolve those lower vMemes of any agency to move themselves further up the spiral. That is the essence of the postmodern “flatland” that Integral rejects and that is the real tragedy of the MGM.


  4. Jason Gosnell says:

    You were right about this one! False green…red all the way…at least the moral ethical line. The media too…no real green ethics to support apparent green concepts.


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