Hillary Clinton will take us to WAR

Make no mistake. This year the biggest issue facing the world is war. The Main Stream Media has the wool over the eyes of the general public, but if you’ve been paying attention to the alternative media (which if you want to find out anything resembling the truth you have to) you know that the tension between Russia and their allies and the US and NATO is high.

Russia as gone to great lengths so far to avoid war with NATO but the NeoCon controlled Globalist Establishment that is now represented by Hillary Clinton has used their Propaganda arm, the MSM, to keep the public unaware of the truth. NATO is militarizing the border with Russia in violation of our treaties with them, placing ABM installations which can easily and quickly be re-equipped with offensive short and mid-range tactical nukes. Meanwhile Hillary Clinton stokes the fire, comparing Putin to Hitler, and working with the Establishment as Secretary of State to propagate a false flag operation in Syria.

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7 Responses to Hillary Clinton will take us to WAR

  1. freeb says:

    Good chance you’ve listened to this already but in case you haven’t:


  2. Jason Gosnell says:

    This is bad…I saw this recently on video. What to do…? I do not know if Hillary is a negative factor here or not. i wish I understood it better. Maybe Trump would do better despite his personality issues…hard for me to tell!!


  3. brodoland says:

    Let me put it to you this way. Clinton is (to my mind) MeanGreenMeme RED, meaning she is operating from a RED wave but coloring herself in the values of the GREEN Meme to appeal to progressives. She cares for nothing but her own wealth and power (RED values). I just posted a video called Clinton Cash that clearly illustrates this. As Secretary of State over the last 8 years she has continued to raise tensions with Russia. Putin doesn’t trust Clinton because the Clintons are for sale (he knows because he used the Clintons to buy 20% of US Uranium interests), and Putin undoubtedly has all kinds of dirt on her straight from her own e-mail which he will gradually release through wikileaks and other means.

    Trump meanwhile is just unabashedly Orange. He is a consummate deal maker. While the media makes jokes about Trump being in Putin’s Pocket, its all smoke and mirrors. Has Trump taken money from Putin? The Clintons have. Putin wants Trump in office because Russia doesn’t want to go to war with NATO and he knows that Trump will make a deal that will avoid war.


    • Jason Gosnell says:

      Thanks for the response. I can see you’ve thought it through for yourself. These kinds of concerns are new to me. I am researching as best as I can though. What alternative news sources do you prefer?


      Jason Gosnell


  4. brodoland says:

    I try to look at a variety, and I just keep in mind that most sources are partial and biased in one way or another. Some of my personal favorites though are:


  5. Jason Gosnell says:

    I was fascinated dated to see that the video of Putin addressing the journalists never really made it to MSM.

    They have more control than I thought…


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