Can the Orange vMeme momentarily spare us from a Mean Green Hell?

What we have in this year’s US election is a fight between a pretty solid non-apologetic  Orange vMeme Trump, and a “pathological” Mean Green vMeme Clinton. Let’s break it down.

iranusbasesA Trump presidency would certainly be a regression for a country that is moving more and more deeply into the Green vMeme. Over the last 8 years President Obama has used the tools of state to push progressive initiatives, Obama-care being the most notable. Over the same period he has slowly, although not completely, extracted US forces from the middle east, while still managing to meddle in affairs over there just enough to keep their hatred of the West alive. Still Obama was a somewhat benign Green vMeme president overall – happily continuing Green’s mission of using government force to redistribute the wealth created by two centuries of Orange vMeme domination. Continuing to fight Racism, Climate Change, Income inequality, and other dead horses that have already been addressed (inasmuch as can be by a centralized state) by the Green vMeme during the 20th century.

There is no further to go for Green without going completely pathological and many who
are enmeshed in Green have already gone there. What more can the Green vMeme do? We are at that point in history, like at the later half of the 19th cewhy_do_we_have_wars_2ntury, where the dominant cultural vMeme has long since peaked. Having solved the problems it exists to solve, having rejected the horrors of late 19th and early 20th century pathological Orange, transcended them with new values, and then integrated and healed Orange, the Green vMeme finds itself spent and without clear purpose. It must constantly redefine and create new dragons to slay, sliding ever further into darkness. This is a natural cycle. Every vMeme in every society comes to this point.

The shift from Orange to Green vMemes took two terrible global conflicts to resolve during the first half of the 20th century, mainly because Orange was allowed to metastasize into its most pathological forms (fascism). My fear is that if we allow the Green vMeme to take society down with it to its deepest end, we will be forced yet again to root it out by force. The scale and toll of such a conflict is hard to comprehend.

poster__if_you_don__t_come_to_democracy____by_redclasspride-d4nhlmm.png2If Clinton becomes president we will without a doubt be pushed further toward a violent transition. This was not the case 8 years ago, nor was it the case 4 years ago. Obama is nothing like Clinton. If we are not careful, the final political manifestation of the mean Green vMeme will be the New World Order envisioned by the Neo-Conservative (Republican/Democrat) political establishment, and run by a globalist oligarchy who will use a combination of Fabian Socialism and Crony Capitalism to tax and enslave the world. The Clintons are already deeply enmeshed in this nascent oligarchy through the Clinton Foundation and their political ties to the Establishment.

Trump on the other hand is an outsider. The Establishment can’t stand him and has tried everything they could to ruin him in the republican primary. The lap-dog media never misses an opportunity to make him look bad. In the end, although I think he is a blow-hard and a narcissist, three things about him impress me. First, that he takes on the Establishment Media and beats them at their own game. Second, that he isn’t a career politician, and is not funded by special interests, and Third, that it seems he’s a good father and that he has great relationships with his children. Could it all be an act? Maybe, but when even his ex-wives agree I figure odds are it’s true. I generally pride myself on having a good nose for insincerity, and although I smell a massive ego, I do not think he’s insincere. He says exactly what he thinks, and its pure Orange vMeme stuff.

I have always been for the peaceful path. Rather than sit back and watch the mean Green vMeme take us into the darkness, perhaps we can use Orange to temper Green and give us a bit more time to let Integral consciousness emerge. If we can keep the darkness at bay just long enough, we may just make a peaceful transition. I still have hope.


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4 Responses to Can the Orange vMeme momentarily spare us from a Mean Green Hell?

  1. Jason Gosnell says:

    I agree with this…not many integral thinkers have forseen this problem.


  2. Jason Gosnell says:

    I think that it is possible for the dems to reorganize into an early yellow 8 years from now post Trump presidency. But, for now, they need a time-out to think about this…


  3. brodoland says:

    Anything is possible. Of course my view as I’ve written about is that any actually healthy integral (Yellow) political movement will not come about through our current 1st tier political system. The Dems right now are only really GREEN in fairly small numbers. The Mean Green Meme is dominated by RED, BLUE and ORANGE special interests that wash themselves in GREEN virtue signals. Most actual GREEN Dems were likely Bernie supporters.


  4. Jason Gosnell says:

    The person would have to be a revolutionary. It will occur, but when?

    Also, about Trump, only someone as bombastic as he is could have made it through the system. The upside of egotism and money…


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