Why I might actually vote this year

As anyone who reads more than a handful of posts on this blog should be able to figure out, I am an Anarchist. I haven’t voted in an election since 2004. In the past I have argued very strongly on why people shouldn’t vote – why it is actually immoral to vote. I still believe that to be the case in general. For the most part, in any election where two establishment candidates are running for any office, it really doesn’t matter much who gets elected. The entire R vs. D titanic battle over who gets to use the ladies bathroom is really nothing more than political theater designed to maintain the illusion that we live in a democratic republic and that “the people” are in charge. It’s all just a puppet show. And anyone who participates, and who shills for one party or another, imagining that they are participating in a great battle of good verses evil. All of those people are the puppets.

Until now. (maybe)

Why is now different? Well, in truth, it may not be different. I could be wrong. But I don’t think I am, and I will tell you why.

For the firsttrump-corrumption time since Eisenhower we have a non-establishment candidate for president. Feel free to hate on Donald Trump, but one thing you can’t say is that he is the candidate
for the status-quo political establishment that has dominated politics since the early 60’s. I was really hoping we’d have two boat-rockers. Donald vs. Bernie would have been epic to see, and I probably would have stayed out of that fight. I would have sat back with some popcorn and watched the show.

But alas, the DNC showed it’s true colors, and used every trick in the book to shut Bernie down and ensure a Killary nomination. Even more disappointing to me was Bernie’s capitulation and endorsement of Clinton. Way to hold on to those unwavering principals dude.

clinton-electmeClinton is the text book definition of corruption. A lifelong politician who’s never worked a day in her life in the free market, the endless list of lies, cover-ups, and dead bodies she’s responsible for is astounding. Her crimes while Secretary of State are bad enough, but perhaps worse is the Clinton Foundation, the front organization for her and Bill’s organized crime empire, where for a few million, you too can gain Clinton-level access to political favors, weapons deals, and (allegedly) even state secrets.

Clinton’s hypocracy is simply unbelievable.Following a misleading documentary of a supposed college campus rape epidemic Clinton tweeted, “Every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported.” to which many responded with references to the many and well documented sexual assault victims of Bill Clinton which Hillary brutally silenced over the course of Bill’s political career.

She is without a doubt in my mind the most dangerous person on the planet right now. I do believe that Clinton is a true neocon who supports and benefits from the profits of the Military-Industrial Complex and US involvement in endless war. War is extremely profitable for a lot of politicians, who rake in millions through investments and campaign contributions from the War Industry.

Make no mistake, Hillary Clinton, NOT DJT, is the neocon war candidate.

A Clinton Presidency means more War, more failed Economic Policies, More big money politics, more divisiveness. There is a very good argument that Trump is the progressive candidate this election year. He is certainly the anti-establishment candidate. I’m not saying Trump is perfect – or even really that great, but he’s not Hillary, and HillaryForPrisonat this point that’s enough for me.

So I probably will be voting for the first time in 12 years this year. Not because I want a Trump presidency (I don’t want any presidency at all), but because I don’t want a Clinton one.



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7 Responses to Why I might actually vote this year

  1. freeb says:

    Yo man. Long time no see. Sitting in the airport having just come back from j-land and I can tell you we see eye to eye here.
    Crazy how the j-folks strongly oppose Trump but the various legal immigrants of which there are a lot of here in HI strongly support him. When I think about that it helps to confirm my beliefs.
    Could a Trump presidency be dangerous internationally? Seems that way. But I also think I like that.
    Could those that believe it’s all a setup be right? Hope not.
    Take care,
    Maybe see you in the near future


  2. brodoland says:

    I think that Trump is less of an interventionist than Killary. Clinton has always been a hawk. She supported invading Iraq, She is 100% responsible for the mess in Libya. The Russians don’t trust her, which means good luck reducing that tension. I don’t think Trump is ideal by any stretch of the imagination, but at least he’s not part of the Establishment Machine and Clinton is downright dangerous. Like I said, I am not so much voting “for Trump” as I am voting NOT Hillary.


  3. Jason Gosnell says:

    Mostly agree with this…good take.


  4. brodoland says:

    Thanks Jason. I do still have serious moral reservations about voting at all. Legitimizing the system by participating is a tacit form of agreement. And I most certainly disagree with the whole thing. I know that many might think it hypocritical of me, and I understand that completely. I won’t deny that should I participate in the vote this year it will go against everything I’ve said in the past. But HRC scares me unlike any potential candidate I have seen – A corrupt neocon every bit as bad and probably worse than Bill or the Bushes. I have no doubt she will take us to war just as they did, and this time it may be Russia and China we have to contend with. I have watched her over the years. As cliche as it sounds I think she could be the Mean Green Meme’s incarnation of Hitler. A small part of me – the radical part – wants her to be elected, so the end will come faster, we can get it over with and watch the world burn and hope that a new day will come that much sooner.

    The other part of me – the father – wants to hold off the coming turmoil as long as possible and hope for the possibility of a non-violent shift out of Green and into healthy integral in the future. The pragmatic “lesser of two evils” approach is not typically my style, but when faced with a potential HRC presidency… I may have to hold my nose and put ideals aside. The possibility is just too frightening. We do our best to resist the system, but we are still captives of the system. I’m torn between my principles, and my fear of a bloody four years.


  5. Jason Gosnell says:

    The issue here to me is that once a culture gets too much into green, it tends to begin to dissolve. So, the blue and orange systems that maintain the US in many ways are currently threatened. Same as in Europe I think. I don’t view a Trump presidency as a true regression really since we may need to strengthen the infrastructure of the culture before we launch into early yellow. So, I see it as an organic and temporary process. Also, notice that some of the gains made by green have been consolidated into our existing structures already…gay rights for instance. But, without a temporary jog into orange and maybe some blue, I don’t think we make it into yellow rightly…Brexit also seems to be a good example of this principle. Trump, ego and all, may be the perfect weapon to make sure we get there.


  6. Jason Gosnell says:

    Unfortunately, Hillary appears to be pretty profoundly arrested as well!



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