The Link Between IQ and Conciousness

I have an hypothesis that I think makes rational sense but which I believe may be highly controversial to many. But maybe all good hypotheses should be controversial. My hypothesis goes something like this: There is a correlation between IQ and consciousness development, and thus the former may be a predictor of the potential of the later. In this way the higher one’s IQ, the higher stages or waves of consciousness one is capable of sustainably achieving.

What makes this controversial? The controversy around the study of IQ is the result of the fact that the data about IQ runs contrary to the core beliefs of the dominant Green vMeme. Recall that Green promotes egalitarian values, and rejects the idea that people are born with unequal potential simply due to their biology. To Green, Intelligence is obtained via access to education, as well as social and family environment (i.e. external factors). Conversely the data on IQ, which has been accumulating for over a century now, indicates that the heritability of IQ in adults is between 70 and 80 percent!

Environmental factors such as the Maternal Environment (in the womb), Breast Feeding, and early childhood nutrition make up most of the balance. Indeed it seems that while education is important in training, building skills and imparting knowledge, it does little if anything to increase raw intelligence. Twin studies indicate that Family and Social environments also have little impact on IQ, although certainly impacts a person in many other ways.

Making matters even more intolerable to the Green vMeme,  Average IQ in the general population is highly correlated to academic and career success, income, and rates of crime. Although individual results vary widely due to numerous other factors including things like education, personality, attitudes toward work, personal drive or ambition, career choices, etc. In the aggregate there is a compellingly strong positive correlation between IQ and economic success. The higher one’s IQ, the more likely one is to choose and succeed in careers that support higher incomes. That’s not to say that there are not Low IQ rich people or High IQ poor people of course, but by looking across the general population a clear pattern emerges.

On correlations between IQ and “Race”

Perhaps the most widely criticized and maligned area of IQ research involves the correlation between IQ and ethnicity (I hate the term “race.” We are all human  and belong to one species). Because of the genetic heritability of IQ, different ethnic groups have widely different averages. Average IQ levels are highest among Ashkenazi Jews (117), followed by North Eastern Asians (106), followed by European Caucasians (100), South East Asians (90), Arabs, North Africans and Amerindians, as well as Americans and Europeans of African descent (85) and Sub-Saharan Africans (70).


Such data is at first alarming to those who either are or have been through the Green wave. The desire to reject it is powerful. To Green it all screams of the horrors of Blue vMeme Racism and Orange vMeme Eugenics. Thus Green has a visceral negative reaction to the very concept of IQ. This has resulted in IQ related data often being labeled “racist” by Green. I have had Green vMeme friends tell me “I don’t believe in IQ!” Even those who grudgingly accept the data dismiss is as unimportant, irrelevant or of use only to racists and other bigots. Noam Chomsky (someone I tend to agree with as much as disagree) summarizes this Green viewpoint quite well:

Surely people differ in their biologically determined qualities. The world would be too horrible to contemplate if they did not. But discovery of a correlation between some of these qualities is of no scientific interest and of no social significance, except to racists, sexists and the like. Those who argue that there is a correlation between race and IQ and those who deny this claim are contributing to racism and other disorders, because what they are saying is based on the assumption that the answer to the question makes a difference; it does not, except to racists, sexists and the like.

From an Integral perspective I believe the answer to the question is important inasmuch as it points to the real problem that must be solved. It illuminates the root cause of many of Green vMeme Society’s biggest problems. It answers the question of why, after decades of Green vMeme programs and billions of dollars to bring equality of outcome to various social groups, that the real root cause is not some”systemic *ism,” but IQ. Because if you simply normalize the data for IQ, there is no significant difference between ethnic or other social groups in academics, economic success, or criminality. On average, whites with an IQ of 85 are just as likely to commit crimes as blacks with an IQ of 85, and blacks with an IQ of 120 are just as likely to be successful as whites with an IQ of 120. Arrests, Imprisonment, unemployment, unequal representation in certain career fields, all of these disappear when IQ is normalized. Even the “invisible asians” who the Green vMeme ignores because they don’t fit the narrative, and are a non-white minority, with lower crime rates, higher average incomes, and higher average IQ’s than whites, fall into line with other ethnic groups when normalized for IQ.

In essence the data tells us that the Green vMeme was hugely successful in turning the dominant culture away from the racism of the past. But that the real unsolved problem is no longer racism, but disparate ethnic IQ averages. There is a lot of evidence, however, to suggest that these average IQ differences are not insurmountable. For example in areas suffering from malnutrition, good nutrition during pregnancy and early childhood could raise average IQ by as much as 12 or more points within a single generation. This is illustrated best by the fact that while native sub-saharan Africans  average around 7o, Americans and Europeans who are descended from sub-saharan Africans average a full standard deviation higher at 85.

In addition IQ in general is rising in what is known as the Flynn Effect. This has resulted in a steady increase in IQ in the US and Europe over the last century at least. Importantly, the Flynn Effect is larger in the lower range of IQ than in the higher range. This seems to indicate that should conditions in less developed countries improve, there could eventually be IQ parity among all ethnic groups. This data should not be hidden or banned as the Green vMeme has tried to do, but it should be used and understood so that real solutions to the social problems that Green falsely attributes to “systemic racism” can actually be solved.

It is  important to note again (in case you missed it above) that all of this information is relatively meaningless when it comes to predicting individual potential. You cannot use this data to say that an individual, because they belong to a certain ethnic group, or come from a poor neighborhood, has limited potential compared to others. That would indeed be racism or classism. Instead however, we should be looking at individual IQ in order to adjust our educational curricula to the needs and abilities of students.

It is unfair and quite cruel to insert someone of low IQ into an educational environment built for higher IQ students and expect good performance. It is equally unfair and cruel to force students of high IQ to languish in an educational environment built for lower IQ students.  If curricula were tailored to a student’s ability and need we could better prepare people to have productive and meaningful lives, rather than raising up another generation of people who fail in the one-size-fits-all-everybody-goes-to-college preparation track, and subsequently feel frustration and resentment because Green is quick to tell them, “what else could it be but racism or classism?” The “system” is racist. Tests are racist. SAT scores are racist, etc.

If you had an IQ of 85, which would you rather? That people tell you that you can do anything. You can be a wealthy Doctor, a Lawyer, an Engineer or some other STEM field. If you don’t make it, its because the system failed you. It’s systemic racism or because you come from a poor family. The system is rigged, and you come out of the educational system with no skills and no job prospects. Line up for welfare, and forever be angry that society failed you.

Or would you rather that people told you that you can learn a trade? You can be a craftsman, a chef, a carpenter, a plumber, a pipe fitter, an electrician, a mechanic, a factory worker, and in the trades you could make enough money to comfortably support your family. Perhaps with ambition, experience and hard work, you could even start your own business someday and become wealthy. So you come out of the middle to high school educational system with a marketable skill in the trades.

We used to have great technical schools in the US that developed the craftsmen that built the modern world. The Green vMeme has unfortunately gutted that system, sending those industries overseas, and leaving those with lower IQ to either compete for minimum wage jobs or leave the workforce entirely.

I feel it is important to state the obvious. There is nothing inherently racist about an empirical measurement. Any doctor can tell you that different ethnic groups have different statistical likelihood of manifesting certain physical characteristics, illnesses, and so on. Its simply a matter of genetics and the same holds true for General Intelligence (IQ). What can be racist however is the way in which such data is used. That is where care must be taken. Because no matter what the data says about averages and statistical likelihoods, there is nothing deterministic about the data. Genius still comes in every color. Anyone who uses this data to argue for superiority/inferiority of one ethnic group over another, or who argues that the data supports unequal treatment of people based on ethnicity, is obviously and without question speaking from a racist Pre-Green vMeme worldview.

IQ and Consciousness Development

My hypothesis is that the stages of consciousness development also correlate to IQ, both at an individual level and in aggregate. For our purposes we are not interested so much in the individual correlations, as they have little practical use other than perhaps making general  predictions regarding future statistical potentials. Let’s talk instead about IQ and Consciousness Development in the aggregate across society.

As the average IQ of a society rises, so too does the center of gravity in society move up the spiral of consciousness from lower level vMemes to higher ones. At the turn of the 20th century when IQ first began to be measured on a wide scale (due to it’s adoption by the military) the average IQ of the United States was at roughly 80 in terms of the current scale and gradually rose until reaching the current day’s normalized average of 100.

The dominant vMeme at the turn of the century was Orange (Rational stage), which was dominant among the elite and upper middle class, while the majority of the politically active middle class population was probably centered in Blue (Mythical, Pre-Rational stage). Other portions of the population were largely still disenfranchised at this stage. In this time period the US Republican Party represented the interests of Orange, while the Democratic Party represented the values of Blue.

This arrangement began to shift from the 1930’s through the 1960’s as Green (represented early on by the Communist movement) came into ascendance they rejected the more agentic Orange vMeme represented by the Republicans and began to mold the Democratic party into their image. This phenomenon began in the academic centers of the North Eastern United States and began to spread, until by the 1960’s, the more “traditional-conservative” Blue vMeme Democrats began switching to the Republican party. Thus was born the two headed republican beast which included the “Religious Right” (Blue vMeme Republicans) and the “Secular Right” (Orange vMeme Republicans).

The Democrats on the other hand, now had a problem in the late 1950’s and 1960’s of the threat of losing their Blue vMeme voting block. This served as the political motivation that allowed for the success of both the civil rights movement, and changes to US immigration policy during the 60’s among the party establishment of the time (which otherwise remained rooted in Blue). By increasing voter rolls with formerly disenfranchised minorities as well as fresh primarily Red and Blue vMeme immigrants, the Green vMeme created a Red-Green alliance that could effectively rival the Republican’s Blue-Orange alliance. This allowed the Green vMeme in the US to make incredible advances for society via the civil rights movement, which enfranchised millions, and ended so-called “separate but equal” legal systems that were anything but equal.

But having succeeded in their goal they were at risk of losing especially their Blue minority voting blocks, as the Blue vMeme was better represented by the Religious Right. Only by continuing the narrative of systemic racism and victim-hood could Democrats keep minorities on their voting plantation.

The meat of my hypothesis is that just as vMemes are an observable and measurable metric of the development of a given society (Lower Left (LL) quadrant of AQAL), IQ is an observable and measurable metric of the development of individual general intelligence, which maps very closely with consciousness development (both Upper Left (UL) quadrant of AQAL). And Further that a society is a bell curve of vMemes that closely mirrors the bell curve of IQ, and that the “center of gravity” of a societies dominant vMeme will correlate with the average IQ of the society in question.

The Political, Academic and Social Elites of a society will be clustered towards the right (high) end of the IQ bell curve and will thus tend to cluster around a correspondingly higher level vMeme, (Orange-Green in the US). The middle class will cluster around the middle of the bell curve (Blue-Orange), and the lower classes will cluster around the left (low) end of the bell curve (Red-Blue).


The Spectrum of Consciousness (vMemes) mapped onto an IQ bell curve with American voting blocks superimposed

These are gross generalities of course but I think that there is a clear pattern that emerges which maps closely to what we see in the real world. Understanding this pattern and confirming this correlation with real research would be of great value to the connection between IQ, consciousness, and social vMemes. If raising IQ among the general population could have all of these corollary effects; a rise in consciousness development, an advancement of social vMemes, an increase in economic well-being and health, and a decrease in violent crime. Then suddenly increasing IQ across the globe becomes a moral imperative.

Integral thinkers should not allow the dominant Green vMeme to pull their focus away from the real root causes of social inequalities. By continuing to fight non-existent boogy-men like systemic racism, patriarchy and white privilege, the Green vMeme only incites more division and alienation between groups. Integral thinkers should have the vision to look past Green’s identity politics to see the patterns that emerge, and thus find real root causes. Work on solving those real causes should be our focus






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