Where has Brodoland been?!?!

1981 Hey all. It has been a pretty wild winter. We moved into the House back in the first week of September. Once we had moved in I have had little time for blogging. Also a funny thing happened. Once I started living here, I suddenly didn’t want to write about it anymore. But I will try to post pictures and all the back log that has accumulated if there is anyone particularly interested in “the lifestyle” we have here.

IMG_1053 IMG_1136 1941 081

I have been busy writing, both my next story (which will be an episodic series), and on Integral World. The writing will not be very prolific, however, because I am going back to work. TLG has quit her job at the TV station to spend more time with the kids, and so I must go win some bread. To be honest I am looking forward to it. I actually miss working (gasp!). My job will take most of my time/energy but I will devote the vast majority of my free time to my writing (and my family of course).

I will also try to link all of my writing on Integral Philosophy here for those that check here more often than Integral World, as well as doing updates on the progress of my fiction writing.

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