Home Improvements

I haven’t posted much on the house lately so here is a short update of the things I’ve been working on:

I’ve finished raising the floors where I am going to keep the floors wood (rather than tatami). In the picture you see the “nakanoma” (lit. inner room, but originally used as a bedroom), which is right off the “chashitsu” (the dining room with fire pit). The room is 4.5 mats (about 9’x9′) with a closet and built in cabinet. We plan to use it as our “ode to modern western living,” with sofa, entertainment center, etc.

In the kitchen I’ve prepared the wet wall for tile (which I am waiting to arrive) and put on a first coat of plaster, which in the humidity is taking forever to dry. believe it or not all that is left here is to install the tile and finish the rocket stoves. We’re using stainless outdoor sinks and tables which will be set along the wet wall and give the kitchen a simple clean look.

At the bath house, I’ve constructed an extension that connects the bath house to the main house. Its not entirely finished yet. I have two walls to complete, and fill in some mortar gaps. The interior of the bath house will be planked in cedar (more on that when I’ve finished there.



All in all I think things are looking good for an early September finish. Can’t wait to move in!

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