The Chicken Tragedy

I had planned to write a great happy cheerful post about our four new little “Okokke” chicks. But unfortunately tragedy struck.

Two weeks or so back I posted about the chicks that a neighbor was giving us. We got them and built a little nest box for them. I was warned about snakes, as well as badgers and raccoons. So I used a sturdy box I found that I was told was actually built for chicks and put on new chicken wire. The kids dutifully fed and watered the little birds each morning and evening. We kept them indoors and placed their box up on a crate for further protection.

Meanwhile MB and I built a movable chicken house for when they got bigger. We used wood scavenged from various house and barn projects to put it together. The only things that we bought was the nails and the chicken wire.

Then yesterday morning MB and I went to feed and water the chicks as we always do. They were gone. The box had been torn open and the chicks were eaten on the spot.

At first I couldn’t figure out how they culprits got in. I had closed all the doors and windows. They didn’t trash the place. The only thing they touched was the chickens and their box. Then I found a spot where they had peed on the tatami. That spot was close to an area of floor where I had removed floorboards.  So they had come up from under the floor. Next I checked the house parameter and I was able to discover the point of entry under the engawa (verandah).

Apparently there is a sign here that reads “This way for all you can eat chicken buffet.”

They won’t be coming in that way again.

This restaurant is now closed.

Looking at how they got in and how they opened the box (no tooth or claw marks and it was pulled apart), I am pretty sure who the culprit was.

“Who me?”

“Naw it weren’t him, it was me!”

The kids were pretty sad about the chicks but on the other hand it was a good lesson for both them and for me. I blame myself of course. I should have taken more precautions, but I also have no experience with monkeys  badgers  at all. I won’t make the same mistake again though.

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10 Responses to The Chicken Tragedy

  1. inesusan says:

    monkeys eat chicken ?


    • brodoland says:

      Hmm, maybe you’re right. I thought it was a monkey because of the way the box was broken apart. It could have been a badger (Anaguma)? Do you have any experience with this sort of thing Inesusan.


  2. freeB says:

    What can I say besides, …that sucks. I can imagine you’ve probably already replaced them. Probably a good lesson for the kids. On a positive note, I have a son now. Very healthy and whopping 9.14 lbs.


  3. john e says:

    (congrats freeB btw)

    Sorry to hear bout the chickens, that is crazy! No claw marks or scratches and pee? hmmmm…weird

    john e


  4. kenelwood says:

    freeb, congrats!

    Brodo, welcome to the club. I’ve lost more ducklings to civets and feral cats than I care to mention. But at least with ducks you can always tell the kids, “they just went back to the river.” Anyway, sorry for your loss. As to the culprit, it could’ve been a Civet! Perchance a Masked Palm Civet. Hakubishin in Japanese (pics).

    Anyway, nice A-frame work there. Good luck with the next clutch.



  5. kenelwood says:

    Brodo, one more thought. A smallish civet can get its arm through chicken wire holes, and after looking at your chick brooder picture again, you might want to think about scraping that shallow crate for something deeper, so as a civet can’t get its arm in there at the chics.



    • brodoland says:

      Yeah there are a lot of options I guess, but the culprit tore the box apart and it was made of 1/2″ thick wood planks (not plywood) so the sucker had to be pretty strong.


  6. gaijinfarmer says:

    I assume you guys are OK out there? Lots of crazy videos on the news right now…


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