A little outing with LP1

For a couple hours on Sunday, TLG and MB were at a piano lesson and LP2 was down for a nap, so I took LP1 with me to go to the orchard and see how the trees are blossoming. Many of the trees are budding now so I was happy to see that but also surprised to find much of the ground under the trees was covered with wild strawberries!

LP1 wanted to collect flowers for TLG (it was mothers day after all) so we walked around the orchard picking flowers.


We ran into my neighbor Mr. H, who offered to show LP1 the chicks that had just hatched, and that he will be giving to us once they are a bit older. LP1 was very excited and immediately fell in love with the cute little birds. All in all it was nice to get out just the two of us and enjoy some quality time together.


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One Response to A little outing with LP1

  1. gaijinfarmer says:

    Nice catching up on the blog! Looks like things are moving along, and I’m quite jealous of your forays into various projects. Thanks for the flooring tips the other day; it’s installed with the new fridge already on it and we should have the new restaurant license in a week or so!


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