The Great White Menace!



Termites, or as the Japanese call them Shiro Ari “White Ants” are in my house, eating my columns as I type. But a fix is on the way. I’m sorry but I will have to poison the nest. But the stuff I am using at least will not harm people, which is NOT true of the standard poisons used to treat for termites here.

The first step is finding out were the little buggers are coming in. This I was taught to do by a nice gentleman who drove all the way up from Kumamoto to show me how. The ants build these little earthen tunnels from the dirt (or crack in the concrete) to the base of a column (there is a technical name for them, but I just call them “ant roads.” You can see these if you know what to look for. We pulled up the floor boards around the house and found four such roads, 2 each from two different colonies (which the guy could tell just by looking at the ants!)

Where ever we found these ant roads, we placed a roll of damp paper that is dosed with a “medicine” which apparently prevents the ants from molting. The worker ants bring the dosed material back to the colony to feed all the other ants who then die before they can reproduce.

The typical method involves injecting poison into the wood collumns which kills the ants there but does nothing about the colony and furthermore is harmful to people too. This was a much better solution although I must say that those are the most expensive little rolls of paper I have ever seen…


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