I’ve been a bad blogger; two weeks in review

I know, I know. I haven’t been posting much, but it seems as spring is kicking into full gear I am getting busier and busier. So much has happened I don’t know where to start.

Obligatory Hanami Scene. Actually we went to three (3!) Hanami parties and this was just the low key bring the kids, go hiking, eat bento kind. The others took place at Usuki park (the castle ruins) and involved much drinking and noise-making (i.e. the normal kind of hanami). But unfortunately I don’t have pictures of those because my hands were full of beer, sake and food. Oh well.

To the left you see LP1 and MB enjoying a real actual jungle gym made of painted metal pipe. Ha! I love Japanese playgrounds. They remind me of the playgrounds I loved when I was a kid. Slides that were fifteen feet high, all polished metal that burned you in the summer. The ground below is either hard packed dirt or fine gravel. Every surface is hard and angular. Jungle gyms made from painted pipe, the paint chipping and the metal rusting through… is that lead paint? Probably.

But the thing is that the kids learn more from these “dangerous” exercises. The danger teaches them to test their limits and they take care because they know that a fall or a slip will really hurt. They become more adventurous, less afraid. At least I think so.

I found this Blendy Coffee mug at the house while cleaning out a cabinet. I’m not sure if this is just an unfortunate example of “Engrish” or what but it made me laugh out loud before I threw it in the trash. As funny as it was for a brief moment, it’s not the mug I’d want to have my morning coffee in…

I’ve seen some bad engrish in my day but the thing is that the grammar and spelling are okay, but the nuance is just… disturbing to say the least.

Yeah, nuff said about that.

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