Spring Cleaning and Kabosu Pruning

Last week I visited a friend in a neighboring community who moved down from the Kanto region after the Tohoku earthquake. They have adopted an old farm house and have been living in it and fixing it for about a year. Seeing their place gave me renewed ambition to get my place in livible condition as soon as possible. To that end I have been focused on CLEANING, and lots of it. 10 years of dust and dirt on every surface is a lot to clean and I

The Neighborhood kids enjoy a snack in the one clean room we have right now.

have been going at the blistering pace of 1 room every three or four days. This includes scrubbing and wiping down all surfaces, wiping down all the old tatami (which I am going to reuse as much as possible), removing the paper from the shoji screens and cleaning them. and getting rid of all the “contents” of the room which cannot be used. The house has a prodigious amount of zabuton (cushions for sitting) so if anyone needs any, I have enough for several houses.

LP2 helps with cleaning the shoji

Also I am now splitting time between The House and the Orchard (not to mention my Job and the Kids) so its been getting very busy leaving me little time for much of anything else… like bloging. But I will leave you all today with a little video from the orchard. Enjoy.

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5 Responses to Spring Cleaning and Kabosu Pruning

  1. kenelwood says:

    Wow, that’s a LOT of Kabosu! Otsukare on all fronts.




  2. brodoland says:

    Thanks Ken, now off to do more pruning!


  3. learnandgrow says:

    That’s a wonderful corner of the world you’ve got there, Brodo. Congratulations!



    • brodoland says:

      Yes it is. I am really enjoying my time in the orchard. It’s hard work for sure, but the smell of citrus and the sounds of the birds, the sun on my skin, and no one around but me and the trees…


  4. learnandgrow says:

    You’ve got The Orchard Bug! 😉
    Seriously, that place looks great. Established trees, a very very VERY good score.
    I don’t actually have kabosu here, though we’ve lots of other citrus. If they behave like ours do, just wait until they flower (May, I imagine), you’ll be in heaven…
    All the best to you and the gang,



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