Bringing Out the Neighbors

Yesterday was a pretty nice day, started cloudy but by afternoon the sun was out. Its been a weird winter for Japan, with all this rain, kind of reminds me of an Oregon winter actually.

Anyway, today I went to The House with the purpose of continuing work on the outside (most visible to the neighborhood) parts. As I noted in the video below, I started by clearing the debris from the fallen roof on the gate/barn. It was about a foot deep and was completely blocking a drainage ditch.

Cleared debris from the front of the Barn, you can see the drainage ditch and all the tile and material separated and piled to the side.

I separated the tile that can be reused to replace broken tile on the house. I think I’ll use the wood to do this, and the broken tile I might use somewhere in a garden wall somewhere.

During the excavation I found several crabs and one WOUS (Worm of Unusual Size). As the season progresses I am sure I will meet all kinds of strange creatures.


All the work on the exterior is having the desired effect. Yesterday I was visited by several neighbors who all expressed “Yoroshiku’s” and “Gambatte’s” and other words of support. But it didn’t stop there.

Yesterday I began clearing the surrounding fields of all the clumps of tall grass and thatch. I was doing this by hand with a sickle. Like I said it was a nice day, and I was enjoying the exercise, and being outside as it has been raining all week. I must have looked pretty pitiful though because two neighbors, Mr. M and Mr. H stopped by offering the use of their weed-whackers. At first I declined the offers, saying that I was enjoying the exercise, but they must have thought I was just trying to be polite because later they came back with the tools in hand and motors running (Mr. H even changed clothes, intending to help me clear the field). Since I couldn’t really refuse at that point I borrowed Mr. H’s weed-whacker and let him train me in all the particulars of its use and then used that to clear the rest of the fields around the house.

The Field Directly in front of the Gate/Barn, now cleared.

Several neighbors commented on the deer and monkey problems we have. I have seen evidence of both. The monkeys leave mikan and kabosu husks everywhere, and there is deer scat all over the fields. The deer in particular are a problem for growing vegetables. The neighbors all have very small kitchen gardens that are fenced and netted to keep the deer out. Mr. M commented, after I had just cleared the field, that planting a garden there would do nothing but feed the deer!

I’ll have to figure out a creative solution to the deer problem…

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