Say hello to Mr. Kabosu

About a week ago a friend of the family came to visit with a story of an elderly Kabosu farmer who had recently passed. Until the last year of his life he had maintained an orchard of 300 or so Kabosu (a citrus fruit used like lemon or lime) trees and this orchard was now available for rent and very conveniently located near The House.

So we all jumped in a K-van and drove up to see the place, meeting a representative of the family there. The Orchard was not harvested this last season and it will be quite a task to clean up the result, but overall the trees look healthy and from the evidence all around, they bear lots of fruit. The orchard is situated on a pretty steep slope, but I have been told by several other citrus growers that that is actually preferable.

Its up in them thar hills

Speaking of other citrus growers, an acquaintance of my FIL, is apparently a very successful grower of Mikans and uses Organic growing techniques, and he offered to teach me how to care for the orchard.

Recently the family who owns it agreed to rent it to me, so the only thing left is to work out the details of the contract.

Oh and as a bonus there is also a small rice field that goes with it, which can produce enough rice at least to feed us on a yearly basis.

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