The House: And Work (Finally) Begins

This will hopefully be the first of many posts to come documenting the (limited) restoration of our little farm house. I will try to do one a week. I say limited, because we have a 5 year lease (although according to the contract our landlord has to have good reason to not renew the lease every 5 years, whatever that means). Anyway, the short lease term naturally limits the amount of funds we are willing to dump into the place. So the priorities, Roof and weatherproofing, Floors and termite-proofing, Kitchen and Bath… in that order. No frills, just make it habitable and comfortable (as much as an uninsulated house can be anyway!).

Today we removed all the tatami mats, which were old and tattered and in many cases half composted. According to the newspapers under the mats, they were installed in April of 1968, 44 years ago! We started cleaning out some of the contents of the house, and removing floor boards that were rotted. I got a good look at the substructure and was pleasantly surprised. Except for a section under the dinning/kitchen threshold, the structure is in excellent shape.

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One Response to The House: And Work (Finally) Begins

  1. learnandgrow says:

    Congrats! Looking forward to updates. Jealous.

    All the best,



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