Can you eat it?

Every Japanese person I have known for any length of time has delighted in a game I call, “Feed Unusual Things to the Foreigner,” and my in-laws are no exception to this rule. Since I first started coming here I have eaten the odd bits of just about every animal that walks, flies, or swims in Japan, but yesterday was the first time I ever ate this:

There was much household ribbing and speculation during the day about whether or not I would be able to put this interesting edible into my mouth. The “Champion-Unusual-Thing-Eating-Foreigner” award goes to whoever can identify this guy. He was eaten raw, with some grated Daikon, Shoyu, and Kabosu.

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4 Responses to Can you eat it?

  1. ted says:

    I usually hate cucumbers, but I enjoyed ‘namako,’ when I ate it. My experience too was of the ‘feed the foreigner weird stuff’ variety. I was hiking an island near Hokkaido and found two schoolboys playing with a net. They pulled out a namako, cut it open with a small knife, and fed me a couple pieces from the blade. This was followed by a second course of uni, which I normally hate, but enjoyed that day, fresh and raw.


    • brodoland says:

      Haha! I knew it wouldn’t take long! Bravo Ted, you get the award. Namako or Sea Cucumber. I tell you though I am not partial to the rubbery texture, which is why I don’t like Squid and Octopus too well. But it was an interesting dining experience to say the least.


  2. inesusan says:

    I`m over that. I just quit try everything to be polite and just play the gaijincard from time to time . But I`m 8 years here …


  3. learnandgrow says:

    Namako. It’s not food 😉 It’s not bad tasting (if a little bit on the chewy side). But it ain’t FOOD. Otsukare!



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