Walking for snacks part II

1. “Dagashiya” This is a little store that sells candy to the neigborhood kids. The house is in the Machiya or “Nagaya” style that was typical of Japanese towns from the before the Edo period all the way up until WWII. Usuki still has many examples of these old houses in the “old” section of town.

2 & 3. The local Shinto Shrine. This shrine houses the Spirit that is responsible for looking after the welfare of our neighborhood.  There are a couple of smaller shrines here as well, one for a Spirit that is said to help one achieve their goals, and another that is said to help in locating things that are lost.

4. A well along the roadside was a convenient resting spot. These wells are all over the older section of town (TLG’s parents have one right next to their house) and date back to the Edo period.

5. Street lined with temples and tea houses. One of the remaining streets that have kept the character of centuries past. The city helps fund the restoration of places like this, which in turn draws tourists. Yes, this is a street that cars can and do drive on!

6. Buddhist Temple; There are lots of very large and beautiful temples in town. I don’t know much about them all, except for our little humble temple on Chinnanzan.

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