Enter the Matrix

This is your last chance. After this, there is no turning back. You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes.  -Morpheus, The Matrix

I posted a video a couple posts down about quantum physics, and it seems to have inspired my good friend kenelwood to post about what he calls “The Matrix” which is, I suppose, as apt an analogy as one can make. He says;

I think it’s a mistake to put consciousness at the center and trust it absolutely, and brush off reality as just illusion or hologram. Saying we are all connected at the most fundamental level is designed more to be inspirational than helpful, like it is now! And in practice people and the Matrix make exceptions, like they do now! I like the idea that there is something deeper, forever and always, and there is no end to change or trouble or opportunity.

Which I think somewhat misses the point, unless I am completely misunderstanding something (if so set me straight ken). So since I made the faux pas of posting a video without any substantive description of it, or even my take other than, “Oh wows! I likes!” I thought it would be good to elaborate.

WARNING: I am far from being a physicist (in fact I was really bad at science) so please be kind if I completely boff something up.

What the video (I think) was saying is that, at the fundamental level of the basic building blocks of the universe, we are all made up of the same thing, which is pure consciousness or pure potentiality. And not just people, but trees and rocks, and cars and oil rigs, and the moon and sun and stars, all are “potentially” connected.

That doesn’t mean that you and I are the same person. Individuality exists in the “classical” Newtonian world of our experience, but what string theory seems to say is that spirit exists as well, and that “pure conciousness,” “pure potentiality,” “the unified field” is the One Taste of the Buddhist, the Face of God of western religion.

It is the source code of the Matrix.

What does that mean exactly? Our observable world, the world we experience through our senses, is the world of Newtonian Physics, made up of bodies in motion, cause and effect, gravitational force. It is a world of solid objects; mountains, forests, fields, houses, people, all real, all can be seen, and felt, smelt, heard or tasted. But what are all these things made of? Well atoms right? We all learned about the elements, but now when we go down to the the scale of atoms, we’re in the world of Nuclear Physics, and things get weird. The atoms are mostly vacuum, nothing but space. Their mass comes almost entirely from their nucleus of protons and neutrons. And orbiting that are the electrons, an elementary particle with almost no mass at all, simultaneously everywhere, until the moment we try to look at them.  And what are protons and neutrons  made of? Quarks, which are another elementary particle. And these elementary particles, which include the forces like electromagnetism and gravity and so on, well what are they made of?

That’s where string theory comes in. String theory says that the elementary particles are all made of strings and these strings vibrate at different frequencies and the frequencies at which they vibrate determine what type of particle they are. Their vibration determines whether they will be a quark, or an electron or a graviton, or any of the other elementary particles. But now what are these strings then, what are they made of?

One theory is that they are pure mathematical potentiality. In other words they are the essence of choice. A sort of primordial consciousness. And so at the fundamental basis of the Universe we have just an ocean of pure consciousness, and everything we know; matter and energy is a manifestation of it.

Almost all religious traditions around the world reference this source. Some call it God, or gods, some call it Enlightenment. What ever you call it, one thing is clear; the human mind can access this source via meditation, and in doing so can expand consciousness. And this comes back to Integral Theory, all things have their correlates in the other quadrants. The subjective consciousness is represented in the physical world by the strings described in string theory. That is why I found the video so exciting.

In a world dominated by objective scientific flatland, some scientists are beginning to see references to Spirit in the very fabric of the Universe.

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6 Responses to Enter the Matrix

  1. kenelwood says:

    IB, thoroughly enjoyed your break down of it, and it’s more or less the way I see it at its’ face value. But after watching the video I was left hanging for examples of what it would look like in an enlightened Matrix; a Matrix where all was conscious of the conscious and connectivity, or the so-called waves of vibration. What would happen then, I thought ? And than it hit me: We’re already in the Matrix right now, and we can see it, and touch it, and feel it…. EVERYTHING is colliding.

    Animals and life forms, including the rocks and rivers and everything, including atoms particles and so on for ever and ever.

    And look, look at what we’ve got! Chaos on all levels AND peace on all levels. Hence, consciousness is as much dangerous as it is not. Welcome to the Matrix.



    • brodoland says:

      Right. I read your follow up and I think I get where you’re coming from. I am not assigning a value to consciousness of course. As far as we know Humanity is the pinnacle of consciousness in the universe. And we use that consciousness for both good and bad ends. But I think that if more people connected back to the very base of consciousness (and the way to do that is through meditative practices), then perhaps the destructive actions of man would be less prevalent in the world.


  2. kenelwood says:



    More at adams guild™.




  3. Hi,

    Nice post, and here’s my take on it.

    There is no source code to the matrix, the source code is part of the appearance or illusion but just a step further back than what the source code produces. I just had a quick read of KW’s drawing of the different colours (I read some of his stuff years ago but couldn’t get into it) and if you apply his colours to his theory it is somewhere down the bottom and just below green (maybe blue) of rigid structures with everything needing to be put in its “rightful” place. As you move up the scales the “structure” needs to move with you, but it is useful to explain it to people who are moving up. Not saying it is wrong, but just how I see it’s usefulness.

    Agree with your second last paragrah.

    In terms of your last paragraph here is a favourite quote of mine from Einstein “Everyone who is seriously involved in the pursuit of science becomes convinced that a spirit is manifest in the laws of the Universe–a spirit vastly superior to that of man.”


    • brodoland says:

      Thanks for the comment. KW’s AQAL graph is certainly very structured, but as you say it is really just a useful tool to explain a much more complex topic. KW himself recognizes that development (whether physical, mental, spiritual, or social) doesn’t march steadily forward on a predetermined path. There are eddies, and loops, and skips and jumps along the way. But hopefully, all of us are continually striving for increased understanding, increased awareness, increased consciousness.

      Love the Einstein quote. I have seen that before. Thank you for reminding me of it.


  4. Sandy Gibbon says:

    Hi B…..I AM very much enjoying paralleling with your Integral LLQ mind …. and also with other inputs from commenting peoples above. I run on pure awareness – source consciousness – and I am Integrally convinced that science and religion are merging as we speak – meeting at the super high ENERGY planes of the 5th element aether – aura – vibes – and etc – and with our NEW physics UFT – Unified Field Theory (Nassim Haramein and peer approved) making its way into peoples lives at a grass roots level (via wide ranging self study ….of which me myself and I anchor with Integral AQAL – to make sure we all stay grounded on the planet!) – and well – it all means that so many of us that have sort of been ‘independents’ – well we are seemingly flying less out on the cosmic backwaters and now finding LLQ compatriots on home cyber turf (finding similar and compatible LLQ mindsets – which is or has been rare or even non existent to date) …… and with Mr Nassim himself speaking the same source consciousness language – the zero point – the singularity – the chakras – the cosmic and kosmic centre of the each and every and all – and so it seems very much that consciousness is all leaning towards mathematical calcs of every size and type and description…. and well its all very interesting of course…. and so anyway ….. thanx for uploading The Matrix. I enjoyed it. Cheers……….. SandyG – from Oz


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