In the interim

I was hoping my next post would be about securing The House. But we are still in negotiations with the owner and I think it may take some time to settle. In the mean time I have been keeping busy with work and kids, and of course, the holidays.

The Kids are Ready for Christmas Cake

MB had a soccer club Christmas party in which the big event for the kids was watching the dads play soccer with each other. I almost died. But it was a lot of fun and a good wake up call for me for how out of shape I am. In the end I did OK though, for a guy that barely knows the rules I got two assists for our team!

MB's Soccer Club gathers for a photo

The other big highlight for everyone there was one of the fathers being a sushi chef. He brought a whole Buri (Yellowtail) and sliced it up right on the picnic table. I was pretty impressed and it tasted fantastic!

The kids lined up and not a scrap of that fish was left!

A couple of days ago we drove to my uncle-in-law’s house to deliver O-seibo (Winter Gift) of Sake and Beer. Him and a group of local farmers make Sumi (charcoal) in the mountains. They also trap boar and deer as well. They have about a dozen wild boar in cages and a couple of deer as well. They cull these and eat them over the course of the year (recently I was treated to some delicious stewed venison, that was a product of theirs). Since hunting in Japan is so difficult because of the gun laws, they rely completely on baited traps to catch the animals.

Wild Boar, Deer and Monkeys are a huge huge problem for farmers in Japan. With Japan’s ridiculous gun laws (sorry, but I have to call it like I see it), there is no real hunting culture in Japan, and the animal populations are out of control, fed by the produce of farmers fields. The farmers are frustrated but there is little they can do. Even to trap these animals, my uncle must obtain special permits. For most farmers, it not worth the hassle.

But it is something I want to help my Uncle in law with, so I asked him to let me know when he will start the next batch of charcoal so I can help, and maybe ask him then about trapping for meat.

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2 Responses to In the interim

  1. john e says:

    Pics of charcoaling request if poss! And trapping info- good luck with it all.


    • brodoland says:

      Sure thing John. It’ll be featured prominently. Funny thing is that I had my camera when I went last time but was so enthralled looking around at everything I forgot to take pictures… haha. We’re supposed to start sumi-yaki sometime soon I hear, and when we do I’ll be posting about it for sure.


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