Food for Thought

Been getting a lot of food for thought over at Shikigami who recently has been posting about Charles Eisenstein. This has caused me recently to think deeply about gift economies and some of Charles’ ideas on Money. I will say briefly for right now that I am not completely in agreement with his ideas on money and banking, but I did very much like what he had to say about the different stories of humanity, the most recent being the “story of ascent” and the “separate self” vs. the “connected self,” as well as his ideas on economies revolving more around the idea of “the gift.” All of this has also got me to reconnect with the works of Ken Wilbur, who has been a huge influence on me over the last 15 years or so of my life.

I promise all this is connected and it is all rumbling around in my head, and I feel I am on the cusp of understanding something. Philosophy, Spirituality, Economics, Politics (community), Technology, Ecology, these are all connected so deeply into the current human condition, whatever and where ever it is. Every great thinker in the world today can feel that humanity is on the verge of a momentous change along all lines, all quadrants. I feel the same thing and I have some ideas that I have been trying to articulate to myself. But I am not as smart nor as eloquent as the great thinkers of our time. So bear with me.

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