Progress: Jobs and Goats

A lot of good developments this week. First, TLG got a job. She started on Tuesday and so far is really enjoying it. However, the job is in Oita City, which is about an hour train commute for her. Her schedule has thrown a real wrench in our communications. Because of the time difference between us, the only time we can talk is right when I wake up in the morning. By then the kids are asleep, so I have seldom talked to the kids all week.

Yesterday was MB’s 7th Birthday, so I stayed up late so that I could talk to him on the phone.  I also talked to LP1 and LP2. Talking to them reminded me just what great kids I have. MB is having a birthday party with his friends and cousins this weekend and I am pretty bummed that I can’t be there.

Even more of a bummer is the fact that I probably will miss the holidays this winter as well…

No pain no gain, right?

The other thing that has me bummed is that I get no pictures.  TLG is just too busy with work.  Hopefully she’ll have the time to send me something this weekend.

Mr. KC over at Kitchen Garden Japan mentioned a goat farm that Inesusan had posted about on her “Living Inaka” blog.  Pretty awesome, although I am sure any goat operation I do will be on a much more cottage scale. Actually at my Uncle-in-law’s place there are goats and Inoshishi (he traps them) and LP1 and LP2 got to visit them a couple weeks ago. So I know I will be able to learn Uncle’s ways once I arrive. Wild Boar and Goat are sure to be a large part of our diet over the next few years.

Uncle's Goat, and Boar in Cages

LP1 looks cautiously at the shed Where the Wild Things Are

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