The Light at the End of the Tunnel

There it is… I see it. Faint at first, and faltering, but growing seemingly brighter by the day. It’s still just a faint glow. There are many twists and turns ahead, many obstacles yet to overcome but the glow ahead is unmistakably there.

The movers have come and gone. Our belongings are being prepared for transit across the pacific ocean. At the moment we are staying with my parents, who despite being none-too-excited about our move, have been supportive through it all.

This weekend will be full of  “going away parties” with neighbors and friends. There will be much drinking, and I am sure TLG will spend much of the time crying.  Despite our excitement for this new adventure we’re undertaking, there is a bit of sadness as well. We will leave many wonderful friends, neighbors, coworkers, and of course our family (my side anyway) here.

We see the light at the end of the tunnel though. New opportunities, new friends, and the chance to reunite with old friends and family members in Japan.  This new adventure will be less focused on simply “making a living” and more focused on enacting a lifestyle that is more in line with our whole “general philosophy of everything” (something which I hope to elaborate on in small doses as time goes on).

My new goal could be distilled down to “Know your conscience and live according to it. Know your passion and focus on achieving it.”

I believe that if you truly and honestly do those two things, other people will be drawn toward your positive action and example and you will achieve success.


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