This last week has been a Marathon of fixing, painting and cleaning. TLG and I have been doing all-nighters trying to get the house ready for market. Now, that work is finally done. We’re on the down slope. Everything that is going to Japan is packed in boxes and ready for the movers (who come next week) and the house is on the market.

We had a lot of help from friends and really couldn’t have done everything without them. Last time I posted about spreading barkdust, and those same friends returned to help us paint.

All our helping hands

On wednesday I was assigned by TLG to window cleaning duty. I got the windows looking awesome… sparkling clean. The next day we continued the last touches and I noticed a strange white line running down the sliding glass door I had just clean the day before. I looked closer and saw something interesting:

What the...?

Yup.. Two slugs doing the nasty on my window...

TLG was strangely fascinated by this and sat there taking pictures for quite a while laughing and saying things like, “気持ち良さそう。”  – “That must feel so good!”

Uh. Sure honey, I’m sure it does… now where’s the salt?

But don’t be alarmed. we left them to complete their fornication in peace and the next day when we looked we found not a single trace of their presence. The window was sparkling clean again.

Anyway the past week was a tremendous amount of work but, thanks to the help of great friends, we finished it and the house got listed on Thursday.











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  1. kenelwood says:

    Yep, otsukare !



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