Moving is Stressfull

Granted my last post was cryptic, but since no one is reading this yet and I haven’t even told anyone about this blog, I figure I can be cryptic since I am writing to myself. But anyway the bottom line is that we’re moving to Japan, specifically to my wife’s hometown in Oita Prefecture.

Doing this is of course extremely stressful for both of us. The kids are to young to really understand yet and they are having fun through all of our turmoil, which is great. Sometimes I just think what we’re doing is incredibly fool hardy, and it is. It would have been 10 times better to do this three or four years ago when we first started talking about it seriously, you know, back before I lost all the equity I had in the house for example.

Anyway, better not to dwell on what I should have done. I have my hand full enough with what I have to do now. This weekend we made major progress in emptying our house. It’s truly amazing how much crap one accumulates over a lifetime and how tied to that crap one can become. One of the most stressful parts of the last week for me has been getting rid of all of our belongings. Not so much because I am attached to them (although certain things contain sentimental value) but just because of the shear scale of the task. It seemed endless and also beginning-less. I was at a complete loss as to where to start. And that’s where my better half came in, like a vicious stuff mauling pitbull she went systematically room by room and compressed all of our worldly possessions into a little over 200 cubic feet, or about 6 cubic meters and that included the piano! Great job my lovely!

We had a big moving sale this weekend, helped by some great friends, and got rid of a tremendous amount of stuff. The rest went to Goodwill and *gasp* the dump. I can’t believe how much trash we had posing as important files, useful electronic devices, not to mention a few slightly-broken-but-still-barely-usable-furniture pieces.


Don't worry buddy, I won't leave withoutcha.

So now we’re trying to rid ourselves of the last of our major possessions, the furniture, the cars, the house… after we pay for the move and pay off debt we’ll have a totally clear slate… and we’ll be totally broke.

So wife and kids leave for Japan beginning of September… flight is booked, one way baby. I have to stay here with the dogs until their quarantine is finished in December.

In the mean time I will still be hard at work at my daily grind for the next month or two at least.

Oh and also here is some random garden porn:

Summer Garden, The bounty will be left for the buyer.

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