So much for the summer garden…

My little berry pickers

My little berry pickers

This year was a dismal failure in the garden. Partially because I was so busy at work and partially because while we were on vacation there was a surprise cold snap that killed all of my seedlings in May.

I tried to plant so many things very little of which actually grew. About the only thing that did really well was the Mizuna. I am harvesting it for the second time this evening.

The kids love the strawberries, but I didn’t plant those. The Cabbage is alive but in no way resembles cabbage… I have no idea what happened there. Boy do I have a lot to learn.

We move back to our old house (the one we’ve been renting out for the last two years) over the weekend. I plan to start a garden this fall. I’ll either do a hoop house or cold frames, and do some winter veggies. We’ll see how that turns out.

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